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How Do You Move A Thousand Pound Scallop Dredge? Very Carefully

Pete Mondello sold his old scallop dredge which he long ago sold his permits for to some guys from New Bedford.  This meant we needed to get it out of the yard and up over the rail of a pick up truck into it’s bed safely without it coming crashing down and  smashing the sides of the truck to bits.

We did it without incident.  Video at the bottom.


Here’s an awesome video of a scallop dredge deployed over the side of a boat and working in the ocean from

Mark and Victor Load Wire Onto The Winch

Mark went out the other day and lost his scallop dredge in 20 fathoms of water. It must have got hung up on a rock or something big so his $5000 scallop dredge is sitting on the bottom of the ocean.

Luckily for him he has the bearings of exactly where it is located. He is loading some more wire on and heading out today with a diver to try to hook it back up. 20 fathoms is pretty deep to dive.

I’ll give an update on his luck when he gets in.