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The photo no one else got at the opening of Savour…

… was the first purchase!  They had a slight delay in opening the point of sale due to technical difficulties, and that gave me time to be the first one in line to buy something on opening night:

I got a few more photos too, of course.  You can tell what GMG contributors like when three of us show up at the same event without any prompting…

I am glad to have this great new store as a neighbor; they are right across the street from the parish parking lot!

Fr. Matthew Green

Savour Pre-Opening Party Pics- Swing By Tomorrow For The Public Opening






Dear Joey,

Thursday November 15, marks the day that Savour Wine and Cheese opened its doors at the new location, 76 Prospect Street in Gloucester, a space almost triple the size of the shop previously at 24 Washington Street.  The opening comes fourteen months to the day after a fire destroyed the location on Washington Street, along with Beach Gourmet, and unfortunately displaced five families from their homes.

Kathleen Erickson, co-owner and resident wine expert is back with her highly trained staff ready to offer their expertise and insight with food pairings. Erickson is a certified sommelier with a highly educated palate, allowing her to relate easily to a wide variety of wine preferences. “A good sommelier is like a coach,” says Erickson, “she has to be able to scout out good wines and match them with the buyer’s individual taste.” She is teaming up in the new location with Skip Cribari, who is from a long line of wine makers in California, owned his own vineyard in the Finger Lakes region in New York for six years, and was the wine educator for Winebow Boston for six years.

Patrons of the previous location will remember the state-of-the-art wine kiosks from Napa Technology, offering the unique experience to try before you buy. The machines are back along with the full service deli counter offering artisanal meats and cheeses and an extensive variety of hard to find, unique, small-productions wines at a great value. New features at the shop include a strong selection of craft brewed beers, refillable gourmet olive oil and vinegar, and small batch coffee which Erickson described by saying, “When I call in an order they custom roast it for me that day.”

Beach Gourmet has also found a new home in the new location offering a exhibition kitchen where Matthew Beach and his team of gourmet chefs can work in view of the patrons. Beach said they are going to be offering cooking classes in addition to a chef’s table where patrons will be able to sample a variety of dishes and wine pairings. Beach Gourmet continues to offer catering for events.

“This has been a long and trying rebuild,” said Erickson, “There are many people within the community to whom we owe many thanks.” Local builders and craftsmen came together to complete this project in just over a year. Savour would like to extend a special thank you to general contractor Bill Elwell and Associate, maker Marcel Albanese of Studio F. Kia, plumber Shawn Griffin, Morris Heating, Joe Latorre, Spittle Electrical, Properly Painted, the City of Gloucester Zoning Board, Licensing Board and City Council. We’d also like to extend a special thank you to Mike Luster and his associates at Rockport National Bank, and Shirley Morgan and all the other individual donors.


Kathleen Erickson

Savour Wine and Cheese

Savour Wine and Cheese // Thank You For Your Support!

Kathleen Powers Erickson and Robert A. Morgan write-

Hello everyone,

Many of you now know of the fire at Savour last Thursday night.  The cause was a misplaced lit cigarette in an upstairs apartment.  Both Beach Gourmet and Savour Wine and Cheese lost everything.  Because the adjacent building went up in flames, 5 families are now homeless.  So, this has been quite traumatic for many of us.  However, no one was injured.  We are doing well and WE WILL REBUILD as soon as possible (not in this location)!

full night fire

Just to let you know, Matt, John, Bob Morgan, my partner, and I are discussing a full business partnership, in which the concept of Savour might be expanded to include catering, cooking demonstrations and classes, as well as prepared foods.  We have also looked at several properties and expect to sign a deal for a new location in Gloucester some time this week.  Of course, we cannot get going again until we settle with the insurance company, so that may take some time.  BUT – it is our hope to reopen before Thanksgiving, so say a prayer for that, please.

Many of you have asked how you can help.  First, as I have no income, I am still going ahead with the wine classes.  The 5-part series will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 27, at Alchemy (3 Duncan St.) at 7:30 pm.  I still have a few places available and would like a full class.  (In fact, if we have more than 12 signed up, I will hold another session on a different day, Monday or Thursday evenings).  Call my cell at 312 286-1924 to sign up, or just send an email – kathleenperickson@gmail.com  Being able to teach, to go on, and to earn a little income would be a tremendous help right now.  If you would like a flyer on the class, which you can pass along, just email me, and I will send it.

Also – as I mentioned, we are looking for new space, so contact me if you see something that might work for our new location.

Finally, some of Matt and John’s personal chef clients have contacted them to suggest a fundraiser, so as I learn more details, I will let you know.  Matt will cook, and I can provide wine and give a presentation.  I will write again soon, and will keep everyone posted.  We don’t want you to forget about us!

So, thank you once again for all your wonderful support.  We will rise again out of the rubble to be bigger, better, and stronger!


Kathleen Powers Erickson and Robert A. Morgan


Washington Street’s Savour Fire Photos From Bill O’Connor

Bill writes-

Hi Joey,

Last night when I went out side, I could smell fire.  The wind was blowing from the North so I knew something was up downtown.  I drove over to the Paint Factory and from my point of view it looked like there was a building burning in the fort.  I took some shots and headed over to town, and was surprised to learn that the fire was burning at the Savour Wine and Cheese shop on Washington Street.

There was a lot of activity, with a huge response from neighboring communities.  I saw engines and personnel from Rockport, Beverly and Manchester in addition to Gloucester.

The fire was still burning when I got there and the wind was blowing pretty hard, fanning the fire and making it difficult for the crews fighting it. Apparently the fire started at Savour, then jumped to the building next door because of the wind.  The Street would be clear of smoke, then a slight change in the direction of the wind would create a thick blanket of smoke – making it hard to see (and take photos).

Thankfully nobody was hurt, but Savour was totaled from what I could see.  Anyhow, I thought I would share the photos I took.

North Shore Kid