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Cape Ann Farmer’s Market News From Sandy Farrell

Hi Joey,
Newsflash: Last night the City Council approved the new permit for the Cape Ann Farmers’ Market. This summer the market will be moving up Harbor Loop, even closer to the water, sharing space with the Gloucester Maritime Heritage Museum. Details to follow!
Are you in the Loop? Harbor Loop!
Hope you are well and dry. Bayview took a licking, now I have waterfront property AND a waterfall.
Regards, Sandy
ps learned a term that was new to me- “MOJO” and Joey, you are a MOJO, a mobile journalist: films, blogs, e-mails, interviews and keeps moving. Thanks for all you do for us.

1,000,000 Hit Weekend Suggestion From Sandy Farrell

We have an incredible community of GMG viewers and contributors.

I have no idea how we are going to celebrate but Sandy Farrell came up with a great idea.

She suggested that people send in comments or links to their favorite posts from the past two years.

So if you consider yourself a (FOB) friend of the blog like Sandy won’t you please send in a comment telling everyone what your favorite GMG memory or posts have been?

Thanks to you guys we have a community and the viewership to keep us motivated.

There’s Gonna Be A Throwdown Baby!

From Good Egg Sandy Farrell-

Hi Joey and GMG, We have our third and last Seafood Throwdown coming up this Thursday, October 8th at 4pm, (an earlier start because of the season.) This event will help close the 2009 Cape Ann Farmer’s Market. Our contestants include Team Passports with returning Chef Eric Lorden at the lead and he will be going head to head with Team Lobsta Land and Chef Corey Grammas. Our event will again be emceed by Linda Amero, the Diva of Duncan Street and the judges will be the Rev. Wendy Fitting of Gloucester’s Independent Christian Church and Rockport’s Nancy Goodman from Wellspring. As usual, no one knows what the secret ingredient will be, so we hope you will be able to join us to find that out as we share an afternoon of fun, entertainment, and education. Thanks! Sandy