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The New Cell Phone- Samsung Galaxy S3

Just picked up the relatively new flagship Android phone The Samsung Galaxy S3.  Had the original HTC EVO 4G for 2.5 years and it was a little long in the tooth.


If anyone would have asked me before I had this phone what kind of cell phone one should buy I would have told you an iPhone for anyone that does what 95% of cell phone users will ask a cell phone to do and do well.

This was based on more than a few hiccups I had with the original EVO.  This Galaxy absolutely SCREAMS it is so fast, the screen is so beautiful.  There is zero lag.  It has a removable back for which you can buy a larger extended battery which will last you several days under constant heavy duty use as opposed to being stuck with a solid case which doesn’t allow you to snap on an extended battery.

The stock Samsung Galaxy s3 is so lightweight that I actually prefer a little extra size and heft with the extended battery.  It comes with 16gb of on board memory for your music and movies and to save podcasts with a slot for a micro SD card which can handle up to another 64 GB of on board storage space for photos. music, files.

So far I have no reservations about recommending this phone.  The top online tech sites routinely compare it to the iPhone and other top end phones.

It gets my highly recommended nod.