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Passports Sangria Recipe!!!

On Ladies Night we posted a Vine of Sally making the super delicious Passport’s Sangira. Readers wrote requesting the recipe and here it is, brought to you by Sally!

 A dollop of homemade raspberry puree (Passports makes their own puree)

Splash of orange juice

Glass of red wine

Fresh squeezed lemon and lime juices

Top off with a dash of club soda or 7 Up, depending on individual preference for sweetness

Garnish with an orange slice

Thank you Sally!!!

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Five Little Foxes

Five Foxlets © Sally Williams
One of my gardening friends in Hiram, Maine, sent along this adorable photo. Sally writes that she and her husband, “thought he saw a kitten, then saw three – neither cats nor dogs – then they realized they were fox kits and not just 3 but 5. The kits sun themselves and roam around our barn and they are so cute.  Now they are skittish as their eyesight develops but a couple of days ago we could approach and stand close without moving and watch them play. Fun.” Best of all, Sally says, is that because of the resident fox family, they have had no woodchucks in the barn!

Five Little Foxes photo by Sally Williams

Seeing Trees

Sally Williams sent this video link from Timber Press, featuring an interesting photo technique.

For many, the tree is a symbol of longevity, integrity, and enduring beauty. But how many of us have truly seen a tree? How well do we know the intimate details and secrets of that old familiar oak in the backyard? In “Seeing Trees”, author Nancy Ross Hugo teaches us a whole new way of watching a tree. And in breathtaking shots of striking detail, photographer Robert Llewellyn shows us why it’s worth it.

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