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Author Sally Goldenbaum Talks Gloucester and New Mystery Book A Holiday Yarn

Sally talks about Gloucester and a whole ton of Gloucester references in her new mystery “A Holiday Yarn”

Sally will be reading and signing her new book “A Holiday Yarn,” this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Rockport Library.

You can check out Sally Goldenbaum’s website and blog here

The blog portion of her site can be accessed by clicking the tab labeled “Sally’s Porch”.  My guess is that 95% of the people that go to her site probably never knew she had a blog that was attached to her site because they didn’t know that the “Sally’s Porch” tab is what would land you there.  A more appropriate label for that tab would probably be “blog” or “Sally’s Blog”.

Quite An Honor- Thanks Sally Goldenbaum

Sally Goldenbaum a national bestselling author was kind enough to write in a little blurb in the acknowledgements about Good Morning Gloucester.  She writes inside the front cover of her new book “Moon Spinners “Joey Ciaramitaro and his Good Morning Gloucester blog, a daily feed which provides grist for my writing mill and keeps me in touch with life on Cape Ann.”

Pretty cool!  and she even spelled my last name right!

As an aside.  I know that you’re not supposed to start a sentence with and, but that’s the way it came out when I was thinking it and I feel like when I write I’m having a conversation with you, my reader.  So all the spelling and grammar nazis can all go to hell.  Thanks a bunch Sally!




I spoke to the great people at the Bookstore of Gloucester at 61 Main Street in Gloucester and they are ordering copies as i type this to have in stock if you are interested in buying it.

From Sally Goldenbaum

Dear Joe,

I just want to let you know how GMG has become a part of my early morning ritual. I live in Kansas (yes…not too many lobsters and ocean waves around here) but spend a lot of time on Cape Ann because I write a series of mysteries (Death by Cashmere–and the newest book, Patterns in the Sand, which comes out next month) set on Cape Ann. In fact, I think you helped me with some information for Cashmere when I happened in your warehouse one day looking for lobster for dinner. I asked you how many traps Cass, the lobsterwoman in my series, would have to have to earn a living. You asked me what kind of truck she  drove–a beat-up chevy kind of person could get by with 200. And so that is how many Cass has (along with a beat up Chevy), thanks to you. So thank you!

And now you continue to help me by starting my writing day with the flavor of Gloucester, the amazing photos you post, and the fascinating people who add color to your site. It is a wonderful way to dive into the pages of my book.

Thanks, Joe. I appreciate all your help and hope to thank you in person on one of my trips.
Sally Goldenbaum
Thanks Sally!
One quick question- “Where’s my royalties?”  🙂  LOL