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Courage, Daring, Brave, Honor, Renaissance, and Commitment

The names are as wonderful as the US Navy sailboats themselves…and they were back in Rockport for Rockport Navy Weekend.

The sleek ships, adorned with the colorful nautical flags make an already beautiful New England harbor even more perfect.

The boats were open to visitors throughout the weekend and Sunday afternoon the Junior sailors from Sandy Bay Yacht Club were welcomed aboard.



marblehead-harbor-copyright-kim-smithClick panorama to embiggen

Tuesday morning I gave my Pollinator Garden program to a great group of women in Marblehead, the Winter Garden Club. Their first meeting of the year is held at the Corinthian Yacht Club, which overlooks Marblehead Harbor. The sight of so many sailboats was exquisite and made me wonder what it must look like not on an October morning but a summer Sunday. There is also an Audubon refuge located on the Neck, the Marblehead Neck Wildlife Sanctuary, which looks wonderfully interesting. I’ll definitely be returning!

“INGA” from San Francisco Docks in Gloucester

Interesting History on this little sailboat, see below.



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BPW, Inga is a sweet looking boat. Beautiful hull. Where are you cruising these days. What part of the world do you consider home?
Me and my most significant other live in North central Minn. A little Hobby farm on the Mississippi river. Our body of water is lake superior. Our season of course is over. We have a 30 by 60 heated shop and am seriously considering attempting a build of some design. Do either one of you have any thoughts on that? Oh by the way right now we have an Alberg 30. It is in the shop and is going to get a repaint and inspection for the winter. Rewire the mast etc. etc. Thank-you both for reading. My name is Clyde. Sticks up and water out. fair winds

We left San Francisco (home) and have have been in South America the last few years. Boat is currently in Uraguy after spending a bunch of time in Tierra Del Fuego. That picture was taken off Chiloe Island in Chile.
While Inga has been a good little boat for us, it would be insane to build new and not take advantage of the last 70 years of development in boat design. We just bought an aluminum fin keel boat that will be our next cruising boat after a complete, down to a bare hull, rebuild. We wanted a metal boat since we like going very remote places with ice, but if not for that we had seriously been considering building one of Dudley Dix’s Didi designs. Modern boat design really is way better than the traditional type, safer, faster, and much easier to sail.

As if Rockport Isn’t Gorgeous Enough!

Add some beautiful sailboats with nautical flags a flappin’ and some pretty easy on the eyes cadets all dressed in navy and khaki and Rockport just got even prettier!

Welcome back to town to the United States Navy!

See the full schedule of events for Rockport’s Navy Weekend here.

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