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Mystic Seaport’s BRILLIANT will be berthed at Maritime Gloucester during the Schooner Festival.  This beautiful schooner is now skippered by Capt. Nicholas Alley, who took first place in a previous Gloucester Race while in command of VIRGINIA.  There are some great opportunities to sail on BRILLIANT with her very congenial crew.  At the moment there is space for a Gloucester-Boston sail after the Schooner Festival.  Check it out here


I got this photo at Mystic Seaport during the WoodenBoat Show this summer.

Al Bezanson

Admiring Brilliant

Have Your Head Examined If You Don’t Take Advantage of This Thomas E Lannon Mother’s Day Mom Sails Free Deal

Take Mom to the sea! Moms sail on the Schooner Thomas E Lannon in Gloucester, Massachusetts for FREE this Sunday from 1-3pm, so long as she is accompanied by a passenger paying full price.

Mom sails for FREE this Sunday from 1:00-3:00, so long as she is accompanied by a passenger paying full price.
Bundle up and bring Mom for a sail on the Lannon. Or, if you are the Mom, tell someone you want to sail on the Lannon this Sunday.
The forecast for the weekend is improving, though it doesn’t look like it will be as warm as last year. No matter what, it will be FUN!

For Daily Sail Schedule and Charter Information click on the link below


click pic to view interview

click pic to view interview

Video- 2011 September GMG Old Cuban Cigar and Folly Cove Rum Sail Aboard The Thomas E Lannon

Filmed With My Cheapo $79 Kodak Playsport Zx3 and using the Kayalu nClamp.

Some points about taking video-

The more steady you can hold your camera, the more pleasing the resulting video will be.  One way to accomplish this is holding your camera very steady.  You need to be very conscious of framing your shot properly and keeping the camera steady.  the much easier way is to use a tripod, or mount.  Using a mount or tripod there is no camera shake and your results will look immeasurably better than if you try to hand hold the camera.

Obviously carrying a huge tripod around can be cumbersome and you all know my feelings on being able to keep your camera gear on you to be able to capture the shots as they happen.  So many times a tripod is not going to be the answer.

The manfrotto modopocket which screws right into the universal camera mount and folds flush with the bottom of my camera is my number one camera accessory that I feel can help any photographer achieve much better results, especially with poor light (with good light photography is a snap, you just point and shoot and you don’t have to worry about camera shake because the time the lens will be open is so much shorter).

But for this application I used the kayalu nClamp with the toughbar extension.  Literally I screwed the Kodak Playsport Zx3 onto the Toughbar and clamped it onto a bolt that was attached to the mast, framed the shot and pressed record.  In this way I could sit back and enjoy the company on the boat and we got a nice video capturing the scene.


GMG Old Cuban Cigar and Folly Cove Rum Sail Aboard The Thomas E Lannon Panoramas

click each picture for the full sized view

Once again I can’t extend enough thanks to Paul Giacalone from Old Cuban Cigar Company, Bobby Ryan of Ryan and Woods distillers and of course The Ellis’ and their crew aboard Gloucester’s most beautiful ship, The Thomas E Lannon.

I never want to miss one of these cigar and rum cruises for the rest of my life.  the setting aboard the Lannon with the friendliest crew and my hero Captain Tom Ellis, the company, the spirits and of course the cigars- just like the first one, I didn’t want this night to end.

Anyone who took pictures be sure to send them in and I’ll post ‘em for you (better yet upload them to a Flickr set and I’ll run your pics as a slideshow)