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And you thought the Yankees Sucked!


You Just Can’t Trust em’!

Unfortunately the Boston Based Pirate Ship The Formidable sailed into Gloucester HarborEarly Saturday Morning Under The American Flag,While the Sentries at Stage Fort Park were Asleep.

In these Photos you can see these Scalley Wags planning evil.

It looks like their first Victim was a cooler full of Grog in the Cruiseport Parking lot.


Your Cooler could be Next!

The Pirates were unaware they were being spied upon.

The Captain looking over a map of Gloucester


The Bastards Planning their next move.

Shit! They found our last case of Cape Ann Brewerys Fishermen's IPA




Schooner Thomas E Lannon Wheel and Compass

The Lannon is such a well maintained and comfortable boat.  A work of art really.

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The Thomas E Lannon

The Thomas E Lannon

The Thomas E Lannon

The Thomas E Lannon

Schooner Lannon Rigging

Schooner Lannon Rigging

The Crew Of The Urania

These guys are having WAYYYYYY too much fun!

The Crew Of The Urania, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

The Urania is off to SailBoston.   The ship is part of the Dutch Navy. She has a main crew of a couple men and then a rotating crew that hops aboard in each port from the ranks of the Dutch Navy.  From what I understand it is a honor to be able to get the chance to serve.
Video with the crew coming at 8AM
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SailGloucester Update From Linn Parisi

TECLA photo- credit Nick Parisi

TECLA photo- credit Nick Parisi

Hi Joey,
We were going out on the Lannon again this afternoon to see ships underway towards Boston– but the ships decided to stay in port another day.
Just got a heads up from Kay w/ the Lannon that the Picton Castle may leave Gloucester under sail tomorrow morning between 6:30 and 7A.
The Europa sneaked in to the state pier after the Tecla came in last night.
One ship just left the harbor to go to Boston- not sure which, but we’re going down to check it out.
It’s all good!


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below- the Tecla’s website. The ship is from the Netherlands