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Schooner Adventure Wins the Mayor’s Race

Adventure Wins! 1991 ©Fredrik D. Bodin
Three years after her 1988 arrival in Gloucester, Schooner Adventure won the Mayor’s Race for the second time. Race day was crystal clear and very windy, which Adventure, with her 6,500 square feet of sail, took advantage of off the East Gloucester shore. The 122 feet long knockabout schooner was built in Essex (MA) in 1926. She fished until 1953 as the most productive dory fisherman ever.
Now listed as a National Historic Landmark, Adventure is being restored to sail again as a floating classroom. Although she won’t be sailing this year, Adventure will be offering a full schedule of events during Gloucester Schooner Festival: http://schooner-adventure.org/
Note: To help Schooner Adventure, I granted them publicity and promotional rights to this photo and to Adventure Wins! 1988. You can see another photo of Adventure on our distillery Ryan & Wood’s Knockabout Gin label.
Printed archivally in the darkroom from my original 6×7 cm negative. Image # FDB910901-02#09

Fred  Bodin

Bodin Historic Photo
82 Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930