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When’s the last time you sat this close to a Rock Star who played Woodstock?

This Friday, you can sit a couple of feet from Legendary Rock drummer Corky Laing of MOUNTAIN and WEST, BRUCE & LAING right down the road in Beverly at 9 Wallis.  Friday’s show kicks off of Corky’s U.S. tour, having just come back from Europe.

You’ll be insanely close in a comfortable chair at a table — and you can have a beer, wine or specialty cocktail with vodka, gin, rum or whiskey made right here in Gloucester by our friends at Ryan & Wood Distilleries!  Plus 9 Wallis is fully air-conditioned (I know you could care less today, but by Friday, you’ll feel differently).  GET TICKETS HERE!

Here’s a taste of what you can expect along with a video of Corky with Mountain at Woodstock (just  a few years ago 😉

Ryan and Wood Distillery Webcam Goes Live On www.gloucesterwebcam.com

Click the pic to check it out!


Ryan and Wood Distillery has set up their webcam so you can watch the distillery process live.   That’s 11 webcams live.

Also great news, www.gloucesterwebcam.com is prod to announce yet another sign up- Gloucester Heritage!  So we now have 11 cams live and 16 to be installed within two weeks time!

Check them all out at www.gloucesterwebcam.com