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GMG Old Cuban Cigar Ryan and Wood Rum Sail Aboard The Schooner Thomas E. Lannon- We Had So Much Fun The First Time We’re Goin’ Again!

The First One Was So Much Damn Fun I Didn’t Want The Night To End. 

So what the hell, Paul Giacalone, Bob Ryan and Kay Ellis all agreed to shave a little off the prices of their incredible products and we give you the deal of the century for what promises to be another incredible night aboard the most beautiful ship in Gloucester Harbor- The Thomas E. Lannon.

For less than the price of regular ticket aboard the Lannon you get two hand rolled Cigars from Paul Giacalone’s Old Cuban Cigar Company and three rum drinks Featuring Ryan and Wood’s Folly Cove Rum and a couple of rum samplings from Bobby Ryan’s private collection.  $35 bucks gets you two hand rolled cigars three rum drinks AND your sail aboard the Lannon.  No brainer, right??? Call Kay at 978-281-6634

The thing is after we had so much fun last time I’m pretty sure the tickets are going to sell out  quickly.  So if you are one of my peeps I WANT YOU ABOARD DAMNIT!

Don’t be a lazy bastard and put it off, call now so we can hang- and smoke- and drink!  Fuck that sounds like a great time!

Here’s the deets-

Thursday September 8th