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GMG Spring Fling this Saturday 6PM

The real kickoff to the entire season is upon us this Saturday, 6PM at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo right here in our historic West End. All FOBs (friend of blog) and FORDs (friends of Rubber Duck) are invited.

RD has been thinking long and hard about what to bring. A bottle of Ryan & Wood Knockabout Gin (she loves the licorice accents) is a must but what else?

OK, to steal some photos from EJ, here is RD’s Vaseline Glass and Geiger Counter.RD will bring a piece of Vaseline Glass and demonstrate the radioactivity using her geiger counter. Perfectly harmless although maybe I wouldn’t microwave popcorn in it.

Also a contest. Pretty easy. Correctly guess where RD is in the next photo.

 All winners will be given the honor of showering Rubber Duck with gifts. As a good example RD will be wearing the necklace given to her by Beth Williams.  Beth could also bring a piece of her antique Vaseline glass she has in the window that I am betting pegs the geiger counter. If you have a piece of Vaseline glass just bring it to the hoedown at Fred’s and we’ll see if it’s hot.

But back to the gifts. Rubber Duck is a little bit bigger than you think so if you are going to make her a little Red Sox baseball cap her head is about the size of a lime. Hmm, limes also make great gifts as RD will never turn down a Gin and Tonic.

2011 Blackburn Challenge Coverage From GMG- Live Tracking of Ed, Rubber Ducky and Paul Morrison and More!!!


We will be tracking Ed, Rubber Duckie and Paul Morison via satellite.  if you click on the screenshot of the map you will see exactly where they are on the race course as they circumnavigate Cape Ann.

The screenshot below was taken at 6:08 when they boys arrived at the starting line at Gloucester High School.  If you click the picture it will show you a refreshed map of exactly where they are as the day progresses.


Ed Collard talking pretty confidently in his interview here but I think we all know he is secretly hoping for the race to be called early due to heat, LOL! I will say this-
If Ed Collard does indeed complete the Blackburn Challenge after only 5 times being in a Kayak I’ll be convinced he can do anything.

A note to all Blackburn Challenger Competitors and their families-
Swing down the dock after the race to get a free Good Morning Gloucester Sticker and have your picture taken for these pages Representing!

The boys have been averaging 5 mph according to our satellite tracker



8:27AM 5mph


8:42AM 4mph



11:09AM 3mph

11:34 Zero MPH  BEER BREAK?


12:55PM 4MPH Passing Brace Cove


1:07PM 4MPH The Home Stretch Past The Breakwater


1:38PM 4 MPH Inner Harbor heading For The Greasy Pole!!!!


Finishing Strong 5MPH To Pavillion Beach THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!!!


Looking for Homie in all the wrong places …

Rubber Duck has had a change of heart. She misses Homie and now is in search of that one special Homie.

Are you my Homie?

Hanging out with the tourists?

The rubber duck is losing weight pining for Homie. Will She ever find him again?

ps. I’m trying out a new photo website, Imgur. The three photos, Rockport dump, Motif#1 and Capt Joe & Sons Fair Weight Scale, all reside there. I think if you click on Motif #1 you will get a larger photo which if you click again, gets even bigger. Notice the wave over the breakwater last Saturday.

Homie in Love Part I

Homie in Love PartII to XI

Homie in Love Part XII to XIV

Homie in Love Part II to XI

Previously on Homie in Love Part I

But first, the back story. Two lonely birds.

Solitude of the lonely Homie.

Cold, lonely, rubbery, but Patriotic!

A little stand offish at first.

But soon the connection was made and time stopped.

They’re eyes locked and Homie was in love.

“So how many children should we have?” Homie wasn’t wasting any time.

“I have a lovely nest on Milk Island.”

“You’re not listening to a word I’m saying!”

“We could make it work!”

“I am so out of here!”

“Do you think it’s safe to come out?”

In our next installment R. Duck takes up surfing and considers sailing lessons to help her forget Homie.