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GMG FOBs Write In Their Doggie Wellness Tips Plus the 10 Foods Most Toxic to Dogs

After posting yesterday that I gave our dog Rosie chicken soup for her cold, Lise Breen thoughtfully wrote in the comment section that onions and garlic are known to be toxic to dogs and in large quantities can damage a dog’s red blood cells. I don’t make chicken soup with tons of garlic and onions, but am very glad to know for future reference.

The following is a list from the MSPCA on the ten most hazardous foods to dogs. You can visit the MSPCA website here for additional information. 

Bread Dough
Ethanol (Grain Alcohol)
Grapes and Raisins
Macadamia Nuts
Moldy Foods
Garlic and Onions

Rosie Scottish terrier snow ©Kim Smith 2013

Winter’s Coming ~ Time to Bundle Up!

Nat Johnson writes that he keeps his elderly Basset warm with a quilted cotton coat from Orvis. Here’s a link to the Orvis Quilted Waxed-Cotton Dog Coat. Nat suggests that it is better to spend money on the more substantial coat. This coat from the Company Store looks toasty warm and think it would be so charming on our little black Scotty. If you have a moment Nat, we’d love to see a photo of your Basset hound wearing his coat.

Thanks so much Nat and Lise for sharing your tips and suggestions!

Rosie-1Hmmmmm, Rosie was none too pleased when I asked her to model this bow for a GMG holiday post several Christmas’s ago. I wonder how she is going respond to wearing a cute little red and black plaid winter coat…