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Valentine’s Day for Procrastinators

Don’t worry, Valentine’s Day isn’t until Thursday, so you’ve got a full day and a half to keep on procrastinating.  That’s what I do.  If you remember, in this post I admitted that I spent Men’s Night looking at art, talking with friends and shopping for myself at the Cave while Vickie and John finished their Christmas shopping.

SweetsTable450One reason I love the Cave is their idea of a Valentine’s Day Special is to offer it ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  What a concept!  No Preparation necessary, other than knowing about it, which is precisely why you read GMG, right?

So, on Thursday Glosta Joe’s and Roseanne’s Biscotti (another local business) will be at The Cave with free coffee & biscotti from 2-4pm.  Buy a bag of coffee & win a chance at a beautiful gift basket full of coffee, chocolate, biscotti, mugs & more goodies from the table in the picture (plus cheese, of course).

That leaves you plenty of time to get ready for a night of live music at your choice of six venues in Gloucester (see the complete live music schedule here).