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An Icon Of The Gloucester Waterfront Is Retiring After 34 Plus Years- Peter Haskell At Rose’s Marine

There will be an open house at Rose’s to wish Pete well in his retirement Thursday and Friday from 7AM-5PM.
Saying that Rose’s is one of the most integral parts of the Gloucester waterfront and that Pete along with Marty and Frank Rose have been there from the beginning is absolutely without question no exaggeration. Of course Rose’s will continue on just fine when Pete retires but the knowledge base he takes with him is a treasure. I can say from the thirty plus years I’ve walked through those doors, the guys like Rusty, Frank, Frank, Pete and Marty have never once failed to execute and get our business up and running and all with a positive friendly attitude. An icon from the Gloucester waterfront has earned his retirement, best of luck to you Pete, we all wish you the best that life has to offer in retirement!

Sun Sets on a Short Drive Home…

You can question my haphazard route, but it’s hard to question the picturesque nature of where we live. Amazing. Home to Manchester from Gloucester, via Magnolia.

Ultramarine Allison ~ Carol

The beautiful French ultramarine blue of the Allison ~ Carol. The word ultramarine is derived from Middle Latin ultramarinus, meaning “beyond the sea,” because it was imported from Asia by sea.

The Allison ~ Carol lobster boat in the travel lift at Rose’s Marine.

From wiki: Ultramarine is a blue pigment consisting primarily of a zeolite-based mineral containing small amounts of polysulphides. It occurs in nature as a proximate component of lapis lazuli.

The Schooner Thomas E Lannon Hauled Out At Rose’s 4:45 AM 4/19/12

It’s almost that time of year when all the really cool stuff around happens.  At the Top of my list for anyone coming into town on a nice day is a sail aboard the Thomas E Lannon.  Bottom line if a tourist had one thing to do and only one thing I’d tell them on a nice day to take a cruise aboard what I consider to be the most beautiful ship in the harbor.

Not only is the ship beautiful, but you also get to experience the warm genuine hospitality of some of the finest representatives our city has to offer The Ellis family. Captain Tom, his wife and sons are just the nicest most sincere, fun loving people you’d ever want to meet.

There is hospitality that is, you know, kinda forced, which in my book is fine because in the absence of the warm fuzzy true genuine friendliness I’ll take a forced friendliness over bad or rude service any day.  But from the minute you enter the booking office and you meet Kay you realize there is nothing phony about the Schooner Lannon’s operation.  They just happen to be really good at what they do, they love it and they provide a great experience genuinely and naturally- the best of all worlds!

This is not to say there aren’t a bunch of other very cool things to do around town like whale watches, deep sea fishing, Visiting The cape Ann Museum or The Heritage Center, coffee at one of our great coffee shops, breakfast at our many awesome breakfast joints, ect, ect.  I’m just saying, you give me a sunny 70 degree day and I have folks in from out of town, A guaranteed great time is to be had aboard The Thomas E Lannon.

Here are some early morning photos I took of her on the blocks at rose’s Marine where she is being sanded down and getting freshened up for the fun season ahead!

We will be having our GMG Folly Cove Rum and Old Cuban Cigar Co cruise this summer, as soon as Kay and I lock down the dates I’ll let y’all know. 

Gloucester At Dawn- Rose’s Marine 4:55AM 4/16/12

When I took this photo I figured the boat in the background would be the focal point but then when I was looking at it in my photo editor the grain in the wood decking in the foreground really stood out to me.

Click on it for the full sized version and tell me what you see.


Video- Captain Caroline Smith Aboard Schooner Harvey Gamage As It Is Hauled Out At Roses Marine, Gloucester MA

From The Ocean’s Classroom Website

Captain Caroline Smith

Caroline sailed on her first tall ship, Alexandria, while in college at William and Mary and since graduating has spent sea time aboard Tole Mour, Pride of Baltimore II, Victory Chimes, Black Pearl and Corwith Cramer.  Caroline became a full time captain with Ocean Classroom in 2005 after spending two years building the schooner Virginia.  Caroline grew up in a fishing village on the Chesapeake Bay and when not sailing lives in Virignia.

Lobster Boat For Sale $60,000

While bouncing around in Rose’s parking lot at 4:30AM this morning (because really where else would I rather be at 4:30AM?) I stumbled upon this lobster boat that is tucked in the corner.  It looks like new construction and has pretty nice lines.

Lobster Boat For Sale $60,000, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Gloucester At Dawn- The Janel Leigh Up In The Straps

Frank hauled her out to do some work on the propeller cage.  She should be back in the water today and out lobstering tomorrow. Just like that.

Just Some Of The Things A Commercial Fisherman Might Get At Rose’s Marine Shop

Lobster trap rope, flag markers, gaffs, bait bags, buoys.

Rose’s Marine Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Spool of Bait Bags

Spool of Bait Bags

The bait bags that come on a spool like the green ones above arrive in one long tube of mesh.  The lobstermen cut the desired length, bunch up an end and then clamp it to make a mesh-like purse.  Then they stuff the herring or pogies in the bags and set them in the lobster traps.
Orange twine pre-made bait bags
Orange twine pre-made bait bags
The orange twine pre-made bait bags shown above are much more heavy duty than the green plastic bait bags but are also way more expensive.  In the winter when the seals show up many lobstermen will switch over to the orange heavy duty bait bags because the seals rip the green ones right out of the traps to get the bait inside.  The orange bait bags hold up much better against the PITA seals.

Rose’s Marine Shop

The morning before last one of our pumps that keep salt water flowing to the lobster tanks shit the bed.  It’s great to have places like Rose’s Marine where you know you can go and get what you need in marine industrial applications.

Rose’s Marine Shop, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

We use pacer pumps because the housings and impellers are made from hard plastic and are not prone to corrosion the way the old cast iron pumps were.  Rose’s had the pump in stock and set up with a three phase motor ready to swap right out for us.

Pacer Pump With Baldor Motor Set Up At Roses

Pacer Pump With Baldor Motor Set Up At Rose's

While there I talked to Marty and Frank.  Marty had Frank come right over to our dock to get some measurements for a new intake with footvalves.  Within an hour Frank had a whole new foot valve put together and clamped to teh hose and we were back in business.
You can’t begin to imagine what a resource a place like Rose’s is in our town and how they keep the wheels spinning.  Without the knowledgeable and friendly staff our town wouldn’t be nearly as accommodating to visiting vessels and home port vessels alike.
Lobster pot rope, bait bags, gaffes, flags and more

Lobster pot rope, bait bags, gaffes, flags and more

Schooner Fame Hauled Out At Roses Marine

Click here to check out the Schooner Fame Website

The Schooner Fame website talks about the history of the original Fame, and has more such as a  photo gallery, upcoming events, Schooner Camp and a bunch of other stuff for you to explore.  It also has a section with pictures of Fame being built in Essex, Ma.

Schooner Fame, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Later in the day yesterday I returned to see this guy working on the keel.


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