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Rosa Rugosa Life Cycle Update 8/20/08

Most of The Rosa Rugosa have dropped their flowers though few still remain.  What is left behind are the bulbous rose hips.  The Rose Hips start out green then turn to yellow, orange and then deep red.

Hips Left after Rose Petals Fall Off

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In the right of the picture you can see the rose hip which is what is left after the flowers fall off of the stems. The rose hips are the fruit which people used to make jam out of in the old days. In a couple months the rose hips will turn orange-red from the present green color.

Rosa Rugosa Life Cycle Update 6/26/08

These pictures were taken across from the Bass Rocks Beach Club, But if you look all along our shoreline Rosa Rugosa are everywhere.  They thrive in salty environments.

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