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Shoring Up The Accommodations

suring up accommodations

In case anyone else was wondering what this huge barge was doing in Smiths Cove today, it is there to replace two steel eye beams under the Rocky Neck Accommodations, so that it will be there for people to stay in and enjoy for many years to come.

E.J. Lefavour

The Latest Webcam To Go Live On www.gloucesterwebcam.com – Rocky Neck Accommodations

A Gorgeous View of Smith’s Cove-


We now have 12 live cams and Tim Blakeley from www.gloucesterbytes is banging out more daily.  15 more cams due to go live within the next two weeks.

Coming up-

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Check Out The Penthouse suite at The Rocky Neck Accommodations-

Rocky Neck Accommodations Penthouse Suite Renovation Tour 7/20/10

The Faherty’s Gorgeous Penthouse Is Now Available Nightly.  You can pull up by boat and stay in this penthouse with full kitchenette and deck overlooking beautiful Smith’s Cove.  A Hop Skip and A Jump get’s You To The Rudder or Studio Restaurant’s For Dinner or Drinks.  Amy’s Coffee and Cones is just next door for your quick snack or breakfast at Sailor Stan’s.

Because the place had been under construction all summer it hasn’t been advertised so there is still availability even though we are in the height of the tourist season.

Great insider scoop right there baby!

You can go directly to the Rocky Neck Accommodations Website for more info here-