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What to do with Round Rocks? Make Art.

The backyard came with a bunch of round rocks. Sort of out of place. The cut granite left over from quarrying is cool but these round ones want to be back on a beach. But at 80 to 180 pounds they aren’t going anywhere fast. Sue wanted them to be sprinkled past a garden so it would look like a dry riverbed but that didn’t work. Now she wanted them out.

What to do? 30 yards was as far as I was going so Ted and I rolled them out of the way into a nice pile. They still looked kind of stupid but then a lightbulb went off.

Why not make some art? What do you think? Ted is taking the under that they won’t be upright next weekend. I’m taking the over because I think they will last forever.

ps. If you bet the under and then sneak over and push them over Rubber Duck may have a webcam set to record motion. Great for the Cat Birds. Are the Cat Birds more funny then usual this year? They are acting like they got into some ripe catnip.