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Screw That Rat Punxsutawney

Punxatawney Phil six more weeks of winter blah blah blah if you plan your life around a rat in Pensyltucky I got news for you. The rat is only right 41% of the time since 1987.


2/2/2014, 7:09AM iPhone 5s, Chapin’s Gully, Dry Salvages with the Breakwater exposed at low tide showing the Straightsmouth flank if you click in a few times.

Now go outside this lovely morning on Cape Ann and check it out. After a Polar Vortex or three the morning seems balmy. And the sunrise over the Rockport Breakwater was lovely.

Rubber Duck has called it: Winter is over. Let’s start scraping, buy some bottom paint, maybe some deadly dick lures to catch an early mackerel.

John Wright Asks About Rockport’s Submerged Breakwater- I’m guessing The Infamous One Or Fred Bodin Has The Deets For An Interesting Follow Up To His Question

Hi Joey,
I had a discussion with my father-in-law, Pete Ciarametaro, a former fleet fisherman, about a curious man-made rock structure 1.64 miles due east of pigeon cove.
It is linear and facing due north. It is about 500 feet long.
He says it’s a breakwater. I say it’s too far out to be a breakwater and in the past might have been a staging area for the fleet.
Would you have any knowledge of this structure? It’s purpose and when it was built?

Last Quarter Moon Last Night

A thin photo of the waning quarter moon taken at moonrise at midnight. Off to the right are the lights marking the Rockport Breakwater.

Rubber Duck Fun Fact #1: The moon is in its last quarter. But if you were standing on the moon what would the earth be? … Give Up? … First Quarter.

Rubber Duck Fun Fact #2: At dawn the moon will be straight up above us. It is also the direction that the earth is moving as it goes around the sun. We are moving so fast that if the moon suddenly stopped in its tracks we would smack into it within four hours. That is why you can see better shooting stars after midnight closer to dawn because we are facing into space in the direction we are traveling. You get more bugs smacking into your windshield than your side windows.

Santa Captured in my attic

A few shots from the storm. Santa did not make it out of Rockport and is now stuck in my attic.

The Rockport breakwater at high tide. Held up just fine:

And our power was still off Monday night so we went to Passports for dinner:

The baked haddock was delish as well as the beef gumbo to start things off. Santa was lit up in our attic when we got back. Yippee!

Almost Balmy Today

angle point, originally uploaded by paultmorrison.

The lovely thing about a cold snap is when it ends it feels balmy. Then one starts thinking balmy thoughts. The UNH buoy is reporting we are surrounded by 42 F water. That is only 8 degrees less than 50 which a nice tasty Bluefish can handle. Not too long. It’s February. That is followed by March.

Fun Fact: The rock I am standing on is called Angle Point on some old maps. The Rockport Breakwater which is in the distance on the right horizon was going to point directly at this rock. If they had stuck to that plan there likely would be an air craft carrier and support group stationed off my right elbow.

Kind of glad that did not happen.

1887 proposed breakwater: