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Back in September I posted about a trip to visit my daughter in Brooklyn, and the extraordinary pizza place that she loves to go to, Roberta’s. Recently, the New York Times’s Sam Sifton wrote an article all about Roberta’s fabulous pizza titled “A Little Pizza Homework!!” 

Whether you are a lover of thin crust or thick crust pizza, I urge you give this recipe a whirl. Even though we don’t have a fancy wood-fired oven, the Margherita pizza was out-of-this-world delicious. On a good night, Robertas makes 25oo pizzas, and it’s no wonder when Roberta’s pizza czar Anthony Falco, thinks of the dough as his “baby.”

Sam Sifton writes, “Watching Mr. Falco encourage a mound of dough to become a pizza is entrancing. He starts with his fingertips, spreading the dough out from its center, gently, on a well-floured surface.

“It’s a living thing,” he said of the dough. “It’s your baby. You don’t want to beat it up.” He pushed down gently around the pie’s perimeter, creating the edge. He picked up the dough and lightly passed it back and forth between his palms, rotating it each time, using gravity to help it stretch. The top remained the top. The bottom remained the bottom. At approximately 12 inches in diameter, Mr. Falco called it ready to go. He slid the round back and forth on the floured surface to make sure it didn’t stick. “That is certified for topping,” he said.”

Find the fabulous Roberta’s Pizza Dough Recipe click here.

For video and complete article click here: Watch Anthony Falco Make Roberta’s Pizza Dough

Roberta’s Pizza Margherita Recipe here


Visiting Liv in Brooklyn: Roberta’s and the Doughnut Plant

Roberta's Brooklyn ©Kim Smith 2013

Here we are at Roberta’s in Brooklyn. The exterior looks very nondescript but what welcomes upon entering is a warm, vibrant interior.

Roberta’s is a high energy establishment with fabulous food and fabulous service. The lively, yet cozy, restaurant is always packed to the brim with an eclectic crowd–young people on dates, groups of  friends, families–with a line down the street, even in the dead of winter, and on week nights!

The key to Roberta’s success is not only their out-of-this-world delicious pizza, appetizers, seafood, salads, and veggies, but equally as important to their success is their ultra efficient and friendly wait staff, and super accommodating house policies towards the customer. Unlike one of the newer restaurants on Cape Ann, which absolutely will not allow any add-ons to their limited pizza menu (they want only to serve it as only they deem acceptable, and I say, come on–it’s pizza), Roberta’s has a complete menu of pizza toppings! Roberta’s menu is not terribly extensive (nor pricey), but because their’s is a select range of entrees, pizzas, and first courses, you don’t feel the menu is limiting. The produce is farm fresh (much is grown in Roberta’s garden), and the seafood sweet, melting in your mouth as only super fresh seafood does.

Roberta's Dinner Menu

As you can see from Roberta’s menu posted above, it is not vast, but neither is the menu restricted to 5 or 6 pizzas. 

Next stop is Liv’s favorite doughnut shop, The Doughnut Plant, which is well worth getting off the subway on the way to your destination, walking many blocks, stopping at the Plant for amazing doughnuts, and then walking back the same many blocks to hop back on the subway and resume your day.