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RIP Chipp Davis Wells

Fred Bodin Submits-

Chipp Wells

Chipp and one of his beloved pugs at Mother Ann Cottage, Eastern Point

I first met Chipp in my gallery when he was looking for a historic photo of his summer home on Eastern Point, Mother Ann’s Cottage. I had a good one, and it hangs in his home. I know people, and Chipp was one of those I instantly liked. He was sweet and affable, honest and trusting, and one could tell there was a depth of fascinating background behind this guy. He was an art director for major advertising agencies in New York City, and later devoted himself to full-time painting.

His year–round home was Wusapinuk Lodge, in woodsy Westerly, RI, which coincidentally was just up the road from where my parents lived in nearby Hope Valley, RI. 

From Chipps website: I began my early art training during summers spent in the Eastern Point, Gloucester, MA. summer studio of the marine artist Amee Davis (1893-1972), my maternal grandmother. To this day I continue to spend part of every summer painting in that same studio next to the lighthouse.  My subjects are New England coastal scenes, rivers, lighthouses, beaches, and groups of people I call PEOPLESCAPES.

After a formal art education in Rome, Italy and The Tyler School of Art, Temple University (BFA1970) in Philadelphia, I pursued a successful career as a T.V. and print Art Director in New York City. (J.Walter Thompson, BBD&O, SSC&B Lintas, etc.) I gave up my “day job” as V.P. in charge of B.S. in 1998 to paint full time.


Painting by Chipp Wells.

I regret that we never got together, as invitations were extended for both Rhode Island and Gloucester. Rest in peace, Chip, and be assured that many folks will miss you. I for one certainly will.

Your friend, Fred

Karma’s A Bitch- RIP JJ Jinglenuts

Just got a call from the Mrs.

Our neighbor just popped by to let her know that there’s a tore up cat in his yard and it  looks like JJ.  I guess all the killing of the mice and the chipmunks finally caught up to the poor fella and an animal a little higher on the food chain got him last night.

JJ I hope you’re having fun up in heaven and there is plenty of fine pussy up there for you to play with.  We’ll miss you buddy.

We got JJ as a kitten at the animal shelter in Salem.  It was after a long period of trying to conceive our first child without success and many medical procedures.   Within a month of JJ’s arrival into our home The Mrs became pregnant with The Bean.

There have been many funny stories revolving around JJ but my favorite was the one in particular I’ll never forget.

JJ never liked closed doors. If there was a room he wanted to get into he would scratch and scratch and scratch at the door until you would get up and open it to let him get to the other side of that damn door.  To say that his scratching wasn’t a total PITA to have to manage would be a lie.

The Mrs would often yell at him when he scratched at the doors or a piece of furniture.  So one day when the Bean was 2 years old I get home from work and we are all sitting around the island in the kitchen and JJ starts scratching at the door that leads out to our screened in porch.  Without hesitation and with the perfect inflection in her voice The Bean at all of 2 years old says out loud “FUCKIN JJ”! Obviously she picked up that little oratory gem from hearing The Mrs lash out in an irritated state when JJ had scratched at the door one too many times in the course of a day..  But the way she said it was just perfect with the inflection and attitude- “Fuckin JJ”!

I looked at my wife and she looked at me and that’s when we learned that we ought to watch our mouths around the little ones because they really do pick up everything you say whether you think they are listening or not.

Well anyway buddy it’s been a good run.  Thanks for keeping my feet warm at the foot of the bed and being the Angel Cat that brought little Eloise into our lives.

JJ Jinglenuts Oct 14, 2006- June 9,2010

JJ with The Bean –


JJ With Madeline


The Bean Insisted To be In This Shot-