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Senator Bruce Tarr and Ringo ‘s Kent Circle Christmas Tree Adventure 2010 Edition

Senator Tarr and Ringo videos from the recent trip to Shelburne, Nova Scotia to obtain the official Christmas tree for the city of Gloucester- Click here for all the videos at Bruce’s Website TarrTalk

Here’s just a couple of samples-


Mikey and Ringo Prepare To Toss The Lines

Here’s Mikey and Ringo preparing to toss the lines to the dock and tie her up. There has been an influx of dogfish where they fish which makes a mess of the nets and creates a ton of work picking through them to get to the whiting.

The problem with the dogfish is that there is a 600lb per boat per day quota and if you load up a bag with 5000lbs that you have to throw back overboard, it just isn’t a whole lot of fun.

Many lobstermen believe that this quota on dogfish is hurting the lobster industry along with the large size limit on striper bass as these predators devour baby lobsters.

Lady Jane

The Stern of Russell Sherman’s Lady Jane.  Over the next few days there will be a series of pictures of the crew- Stevie, Mikey, Russell, and Ringo.  Russell was one of the Gloucester captains featured on “After The Catch” the show with the roundtable discussions with the captains from “The Deadliest Catch”

Lady Jane, originally uploaded by captjoe06.