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City Hall Restoration Update From Maggie Rosa

Maggie Rosa writes-

So what’s going on behind the green shrouding at City Hall?

Certainly not just a paint job.

I’m attaching photos that were taken by the project’s architect Doug Manley this morning (06-18-12). There are also many more photos that can be viewed on  Gallery:http://capeannphotography.zenfolio.com/p772949276 – these photos were taken by David Stotzer (Cape Ann Photography) who volunteered to be the official photographer of the project (for which we are very grateful).

According to Jeremy Campbell of Campbell Construction Group work on removing the paint from the lower two sections of the main tower is two-thirds done.

The work on the ventilator towers is going well and as of now no major unforeseen issues have arisen.


This shot was taken by me last week showing the green shrouding.


This photo is of one of the small (ventilator) tower 06-18-12.

Note the construction worker at the top of the tower with the spire of Holy Family church in the background and the post office visible through the shrouding.



Ventilator tower 06-18-12.


Main tower 06-18-12

This shows the main tower at the bell level.


Ventilator Tower 06-18-12


Work on Main Tower 06-18-12