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Cameraman Bob Oliver and Maggie Harper From Channel 5’s Chronicle Represent! at Captain Joe and Sons

Bob and Maggie came down the dock to interview Frankie and I about lobstering, Gloucester and the Blog.  They’ve been around town all week.  yesterday it was our great Mayor’s day.  Look for the interview in about 3 weeks.

2012-06-20 11.25.54

here’s Frankie getting some face time-

2012-06-20 10.39.39

John McElhenny tweets- “The Camera Loves Frankie!”

The Pink Angels Represent! In Wakefield/Reading Training For the Breast Cancer 3 Day

Hi Joey,
Nice to see you at Khan Studio and Good Morning Gloucester Gallery on Thursday.

Attached please find a picture of some Pink Angels representing GMG today in Wakefield/Reading with our pink "Hope" duckies. Our team is training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day this July in Boston (60 miles for a Cure!). Today’s training walk was 17 miles. We brought along the ducks and GMG bumber sticka for extra inspiration.
Take care,
Liz Dooley


Anne and Christopher Lewis Represent! at Yosemite National Park, CA


Anne and Christopher Lewis representing at Nevada falls on the Mist trail, Yosemite Park


Anne Lewis representing at the base of the "California Tunnel Tree" -a Sequoia tree in Mariposa grove, Yosemite. This 1800 year old sequoia is the larger living thing on the planet.


A few other shots from Yosemite:


Drinking a "Capitini" at the Awahnee Hotel, Yosemite after a great hike on the Mirror Lake Trail. The Capitini is named for "El Capitan" – the Vertical wall that has challenged great climbers in the park.


On the 4 mile trail with "Half Dome" in the background. This trail goes up 3000 feet from the valley floor to Glacier Point.


El Capitan

Mark and Marty Morgan Represent! Aboard The Barkissimo, in the East Bay near Berkeley CA

Hi Joey,

Mark and I just had a fabulous trip to California celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. As a total surprise for Mark we spent our last night away on the 80’ motor yacht, Barkissimo, in the East Bay near Berkeley . It’s run as a B & B, terrific owner, cooked a fantastic dinner for us and two friends, watched the sun set, drank champagne and wanted to “represent”. Left my sticker at home so had to improvise.

Here we are at breakfast on the boat.


The Therans Represent! at Bodin Gallery

Fred Bodin writes-

Californians Peter Theran, VMD and his daughter Michelle Major-Theran, MD represent at Bodin Historic Photo gallery last night. They and 22 relatives are in Gloucester for an Easter family reunion, staying at the Hovey House. They absolutely love Gloucester. I thought Peter looked familiar, and in talking it came out that he worked for Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston from 1961 to 1984, retiring as a vice president. Early in my freelance career, I took the annual hospital staff photo (including Peter during his tenure), and continued to do so for almost 30 years. It’s a small world!


John and Denise Felock Represent! In Rio and Casablanca

Hello Joey
For John Felock’s 50th Birthday we went to Rio and on a cruise. Attached are
a few photos and two pictures with the GMG in Rio and one in Casablanca.

GMG in Casablanca 20121- GMG Casablanca Cruise 2012-3 008

2 GMG Rio de Janeiro March 19-2012 2 GMG Rio de Janeiro March 19-2012 288

Rio de Janeiro March 19-2012

3a Rio de Janeiro March 19-2012 311 (crop)

  John and Denise in Rio de Janeiro March 20th John turns 50

3b John and Denise in Rio de Janeiro March 20th John turns 50

Cruise 2012 Camel Ride in Lazarote Canary IslandsCruise 2012 Camel Ride in Lazarote Canary Islands

Paula Capizzi and Anne Lubbers Represent! From The Holland Lighthouse

Anne is the Mother of FOB Kurt Lubbers and MIL of FOB Danni Lubbers

The Holland lighthouse is called “Big Red,” and the photos are of me (Anne Lubbers) and my sister, Paula Capizzi. The windmill is in VanBragt Park.

Denise Merlino and John Felock Represent! In Rio

Hello Joey,
GMG reaches Rio de Janeiro, we are here celebrating my husband John Felock’s
50th Birthday, here is a photo of us on Sugar Loaf with the GMG sticker, in
the way background is the famous Christ statue. We are sending a few more
Rio is a wonderful city, the hype about the bad crime is over blown, it is a
very friendly and if you are travel savvy very safe.
Denise Merlino  

Da Sticka Makes It Onto Chip McKay and Carl Stratton’s Wedding Invitation!

Chip McKay Writes-

Hey Joey,

Me and my partner are getting married on 11-11-11 and we where doing  photo’s for are wedding invites and just had to incorporate your Good Morning Gloucester sticker in them. We love reading your blog every morning. hope you like the pics.

Thanks Chip McKay and Carl Stratton

good morning gloucester

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