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Tom Fraser Remembers George Cabral

Hi Joey,
I’m a lost Glosta boy living south of town now and always wishing I was back home. Good Morning Gloucester makes me feel like I am still there. This pic of my "old boss" was taken in 2002 on a Yankee Fleet fishing adventure. But in 1965 I was growing up on Rocky Neck and working summers on the Dolphin with Capt Sherm and his dog Ginger… And George. I was 12 years old. It was the Rocky Neck Sport Fishing Dock then and the were right there at the Railways. I baited hooks, gutted fish on the way back in for tips and got a dollar for washing down the boat. I hadn’t seen George since then but he looked the same to me now and in 2002 as he did in 1965. Thanks for the memories.
Tom Fraser