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Everyone Poops

Hmmm.  See now, I always thought the concern was too much excess during the holidays.  Maybe the saying is, too much excretion during the holidays.

After all, Everyone Poops, right?

Even the snowmen and the reindeer, I suppose.

I’ve been known to go a bit overboard during the holidays.  Jingle our Elf  on the Shelf has gotten into a fair share of late night mayhem, carrot peels have been scattered by reindeer with poor at best eating etiquette, Santa’s cookies have been crumbled and dipped into his mug of milk for that “eaten on the run” kind of effect, letters to Santa have been “mailed”, videos from the Portable North Pole have been delivered, and reindeer food has been sprinkled on the lawn. Special reindeer bells have even been wrapped in boxes just like those that appear in the Polar Express and placed far back under the tree for the boys to find last.

Lies, deception, and holiday fun at its best.  All of that having been said, however, you won’t find me throwing around snowman or reindeer poop anytime soon….or feeding it to the kids.

“Ho! Ho! Ho!  Sorry the reindeer just had to go 

I’ll be singing this all week now.

“Dumpity, Dump, Dump,

Dumpity, Dump, Dump,

Look at Frosty go”



Origami Santa and his Rainbow Reindeer

One uncut sheet of paper each.  The reindeer is folded from a design by Peter Engel, and the Santa is designed by Steven Casey.   I folded them to be among the items raffled and sold at the Holy Family Parish Christmas Fair, to be held this Saturday, Nov. 17, 9am-2pm.


Here’s a closeup of some of the reindeer:

They took me about an hour each to fold.

Fr. Matthew Green