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Joey C Public Service Announcement To People Who Walk or Bike Outdoors At Night:


There is less light in the fall.  Duh Obvi, right?  The daylight is short and I’d just like to highlight a point that people with perfect vision may not realize-

If you are walking at night or riding a bike at night there are a shit-ton of people who can’t see you in the dark. 

They don’t want to run your ass over so please wear light colored clothing or even better- wear clothing with some type of reflective properties in it.

As I get older I notice it’s tougher and tougher to see these people and they just sort of jump out at you when you are almost on top of them when driving at night if they are wearing dark clothing.

No one wants to run someone over, it makes for a sucky day.  So keep it in mind next time you’re heading out for a healthy stroll or bike ride at night time.

Thank You.

Joey C

Be Bright Be Seen