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Rubber Duck Quick Tip: Rockport Goings On

I’m not listing stuff here because I can’t keep up but Rubber Duck has found someone else who updates several times a day. Follow BearskinNeck.Net on Facebook. <<<Click.

That’s it. OK, I’ll give you three examples why BearskinNeck.Net is awesome. Today Rubber Duck found out:

1) The Rockport Dump is open on Sunday from 8AM to 11:45 AM until Nov 10. Huge news. This is why I love Rockport and gladly pay my town taxes. Now those fish guts and lobster shells from the Saturday festivities do not fester in the garage until God knows when.

2) The Red Skiff has several Specials including Crab Cake Benedict and Corn Beef Benedict. Make mine a double!

3) Brothers’ Brew is open at 7AM every single day all summer With a fresh made Butternut Crunch Doughnut with my name on it.

4) Why stop at three? Forgot the Farmers Market 9am-1pm at Harvey Park on Saturday! Harvey Park? End of Broadway if you hit the lighthouse in the middle of the street because you saw a large rabbit named Harvey you should park.

BearskinNeck.Net one stop shopping so you don’t spend more than three minutes on a computer every day. Today is the first day of summer! Get off that goddamn computer and go bite someone in the butt!


I don’t want to be one of those people who’s on his death bed and says, “I didn’t spend enough time on the Internet.”  -Andy Borowitz

Red Skiff Seafood and Grille Rockport MA- Rachael’s Reuben Sandwich

Rockport Gets Some Love From Your Boy Joey This Week-

The Red Skiff is exactly what you want when you go to Rockport- unpretentious, fantastic food at non-tourist trap prices and super friendly service. My Reuben was cooked to perfection and the portion generous.  Highly recommended!


Red Skiff Seafood and Grille

15 Mt. Pleasant St. Rockport, MA 01966 Click the map below for directions-


Checking in from Rockport: Red Skiff Hash!

Grabbing my second breakfast of the day late this morning almost 10AM thought the Red Skiff right in Rockport would be the ticket on a Saturday morning. Busy but my daughter and I grabbed a table and she ordered the coconut pancakes and I ordered the top special which is Eggs Benedict with Corned Beef Hash.

I love coconut in most situations but a pancake? Hmm.  But the pancakes hit the table two seconds before my dish so I tried a bite and amazing fluffy coconut goodness. Then I got to mine and chewed off a good piece before I thought to take a photo.

I am never as controlled as Joey that I can take a photo of my food before I mess it up. But you can see the hash below that Benedict. The home fries were normal Red Skiff Spectacular but the part I had forgotten, the english buried in there was obviously toasted on the grill. This gave a nice crispiness on top which withstood the Benedict sauce flowing down. Slightly offscreen was a side of bacon and coffee which kept me going the rest of the day. No lunch for me on Saturday.

Did I mention I like the hash at Red Skiff? The pancakes were huge and I am trying to break a habit of licking my plate in public so a doggy bag of pancake and some hash made its way home. That lasted all of 30 seconds as everyone else had arrived and acted like wild animals.


The Red Skiff Restaurant is a family owned and operated business. The owner of the restaurant is Steve Salah. Steve and his family are long standing members of the Cape Ann community. You can plan on always seeing Steve, and members of his family there every day ready to serve you. As you may observe from their menu, there are numerous entrees for all tastes and budgets. They pride themselves in providing great service and serving consistent, quality, tasty meals at very reasonable prices. The Red Skiff has some GREAT coupons below, and is todays GMG deal of the day!

Click To View Menu

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Click To Print And Enjoy!

Stevie Salah, Cousin Licia and Daughter Jessica At The Red Skiff

The other day my cousin Licia stopped me to let me know that Steve Salah and Kelly (Lupo) Sallah had bought The Red Skiff in Rockport and that I should swing by to take some pictures.

Of course I would.  Steve owned Salah’s in East Gloucester Square back when we were kids working at the dock and I’ll never forget going there every morning from work and getting the 99 cent special.  Two eggs, hash browns and toast.  99 cents was quite a bargain.

Times have changed but the value hasn’t at Steve’s new restaurant The Red Skiff in Rockport.  The menu is very family friendly, the food fresh and the service outstanding (Licia that last part is for you).  🙂

Look for the video at 8:00AM