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Red Rock Canyon Panoramas and More

I’ve gone to Vegas for years but rarely leave the Strip.  My usual Vegas trip is not what people envision when they think of Vegas.  I hardly gamble but spend most of the time at the spa chilling out in the spa lounge or wet facilities Jacuzzi saunas or by the pool and eating my way through town.

This trip my boy had a photo shoot out in Red Rock Canyon for some crazy singer.  While I’m also not the type to hike I had a blast.  Maybe because the Rabbit let me mess around with his full frame Canon’s but also because Red Rock Canyon is so unlike anything we have out here that I found it fascinating.

It’s only about 15 minutes off the strip and I highly recommend making a day of it if you head out there.

Here are some of the shots out of my Sony HX9V (Two Albums- One With The Panoramas)-

Getting My Bhudda On At Red Rock Canyon With The Rabbit


You would think I might have been relaxed by looking at the first picture but due to my extreme fear of heights my heart was beating about a million beats per second.

Take a good look at that mellon on the Rabbit would you?  It’s like Elvis went gay and had sex with bhudda and somehow this was the offspring that resulted.  And not the young Elvis that all the young girls wet their panties over, the coked out peanut butter twinkie eating Elvis just before he croaked on the crapper.

I love you man.