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Get Creative – Have a Ball!

beaux arts ball 2013

August 3rd, 6-10:00 pm – Don’t miss it!  The 2013 Rocky Neck Beaux Arts Ball.  Dig out some old threads and make them into something new.  Turn your recyclables into a trendy fashion statement.  You’re not expected to look like the model here – go for something uniquely you.  See you there.

E.J. Lefavour

Visiting “Present”

Here on the blog, I read that there is a seasonal “pop-up” store on Main Street called Present. However, I couldn’t find any mention of the address, so I headed out with my camera to hunt the store down and shoot it (shoot photos of it, that is). I found it at 271 Main Street:

Full information about hours is in the window:

They have a nice variety of “locally designed gifts”…

…many of them made from re-purposed or recycled materials, like the uber-warm woolen mittens in the photo below, made from recycled sweaters:

Other items include beautiful (locally made) nature-themed tee-shirts:

Fr. Matthew Green

Got Stuff?

I just saw Snapgoods on Good Morning America. It’s a great way to keep consumption down. All we have to do is sign up and add local friends. It really sounds like a doable way of sharing what we have and make a little money at the same time.

I found this review:

SnapGoods offers users a new way to find items they need to borrow or rent. The site claims to provide a safe way to lend out items or borrow hem from others. Users can post an item they need (a “want ad”) or post an item they have that is available to borrow or rent (a “good”). The site is intended to help users find cost effective ways to get things done or a quick solution to find a suitable replacement item for one that was lost or damaged. Item categories are relatively broad, including photo and video, music, tools and gadgets. SnapGoods also helps put users’ minds at ease by offering to replace or repair any damage done to items that are lent or rented out through the site. The item search includes geographic location filters as well as closest, best match and recently added options. See more here.

Gloucester Treasure Trove

If you drive by Pond Road and see the big garage sale sign out, you should check out the treasures of The Recycler, Bill Loiacano. He has a whole warehouse of treasures that fill the inside and spill out around the entrances. The sheer amount of stuff is impressive. He really wants to divert things from the landfill and will find items by request. Among the treasures we’ve discovered are: Red Ryder wooden trike, matchbox cars, books, and vintage crystal glass doorknobs. He’s got everything from furniture and bikes to lamps and records. Whenever the sign is out – he’s there so stop on by and say hello!

Video interview 00:02:14

Thank you to Bill for the interview!

Bill Loiacano
10A Pond Road, Gloucester, MA