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Making Sunday Dinner with My New Favorite Kitchen Gadget

PrintA few weeks ago while shopping the clearance section at our local Marshalls I spotted a marked down ravioli press, a kitchen gadget  I have always wanted to try. I tossed it in my drawer of cutters and kinda forgot about it until being inspired to make homemade pasta during my trip to Boston’s North End yesterday.  For years I have cut and pressed ravioli by hand just like my Grandmother Felicia did.  I am beyond thrilled to have stumbled across this ravioli press. I am even more thrilled by how incredibly easy it was to use and how well it cut and sealed each raviolis edge, at the same time.  I give this gadget a double thumbs ups and I know my grandmother Felicia would have too!

ravolli post1

Yesterday after returning home from Boston I headed straight to the kitchen to find that ravioli press and whipped up 74 ricotta filled ravioli for todays Pre-Game Sunday Dinner

ravoli 3

Today we enjoyed the fruits of my yesterdays labor, and according to my husband son BJ  and princess Coconut…they were “the best I have ever made!”