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Donald Sterling: What say you?


Can’t you just smell the hate coming off him? (Danny Moloshok/AP)



One of these things is not like the other….The smile of a slave owner. (wikicommons)

If you haven’t heard his name by now, especially living in the greatest sports region in the world, you’re detached from the planet. And if you really don’t know, GTSF (google that shit fool!). Now, we all know the scoop. This guy is a massive pig, and a professional D-Bag by trade. While billions struggle to eat, survive, and contribute to society, the gods have found a way to reward this asshole. I’m sure he “worked” hard for his money, but who cares at this point. So, he’s apparently banned for life from the NBA, and I’m not sure how that will pan out. To tell an attorney, and a two fold BILLIONAIRE, that he can’t do something, and expect him to go quietly, should be a shit-show for sure. I realize fining a gazillionaire 2.5 million is like stealing his bubble gum, so that’s no punishment. At the end of this, his 12 million dollar investment will garner him about a BILLION. So, looks like no punishment there either folks. And as far as being in the public-eye goes, he can just buy an island, stock it with his “girlfriends” all Heff style, and live happily ever after. So there is no real punishment for this loser. Should he be banned? Yes, he should. But, as you may have thought by now, isn’t all of this unsettling to you? Is it right in America? Has something crossed a line here? Now before you start seeing a side picked here, don’t. This guy makes me sick.

But, again, what if it was you in some aspect?

What if, in your moment of great success and admiration, someone comes up with a tape of some insanely ignorant shit you said… days, years or even decades ago? Would you fight to save your reputation? Could you actually explain yourself? Could you argue about the tape’s release or the person who recorded the conversation’s intent? I’ve added a few polls here to gauge what the people are thinking. Since it’s anonymous, don’t be shy, so please take a moment and be honest. Also, what are your thoughts on his girlfriend releasing these conversations? I’m curious to see what people really think, so by all means post up some comments as well.