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GloucesterCast With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/31/14

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GloucesterCast With Guest Toby Pett and Host Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/31/14

Topics Include: Toby Pett Looking Svelte In His Black Shirt, Ladies Man Toby Pett, Contributor Of The Week, Craig Kimberley’s Birdseye Demo and USCG Barque Eagle Drone Videos, The Schooner Adventure Progress, Greg Bover, The Schooner Adventure Business Model, Peter Bent Running The Show On The Adventure Today, The Bluenose II Question, Barry Pett and Marty Luster Go Behind The Scenes For The Gloucester Fireworks Set Up, The Gloucester Fund, Hosting The Schooners, The Question- Does Schooner Festival Exists If People Don’t Come To See the Schooners?, Local Traffic, Parking IMO Is A Non-Issue, Sailing Activity In Gloucester Today vs 25 Years Ago, Football Season, Question- Can Tom Brady Still Have As Much Focus and Will To Win As A Young QB Without A Superbowl Win?, Market Basket Re-Opening But Let’s Not Forget The Great Employees At Stop and Shop, Labor Day Schooner Festival Fireworks Were Awesome, Boat Horns.





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Christmas In Cape Ann Question From Sarah Smith


Hi Joey C,
I’ve been a subscriber to GMG for about 6 months and thoroughly enjoy the ‘inside scoop’ on all that is going on in the community.
We will be spending our first Christmas in Cape Ann this year and was interested in your readers suggestions for activities that week.
What’s on their top 10 list???????
All the best,

Duck Tour Question

Jonathan Olly asks-

Greetings Joey,

I have a minor photographic mystery for you.  I recently came across this postcard on eBay, showing a WWII DUKW emerging onto Pavilion Beach, with Ten Pound Island Light in the background.  Do you or any of your readers remember when these tours operated in Gloucester?  The caption on the back of the card reads "Amphibious duck ride from land to sea on a guided tour of Gloucester Harbor.  Leaving every half hour from Pavilion Beach, Gloucester, Massachusetts."
Best regards,


Gloucester duck harbor ride postcard

Comment & Answer From Cookie

Mornin’ Capt.
I read your blog everyday and I never thank God for the beauty of Cape Ann and her people.Your pic’s are awesome and I was wonderin’ what camera you use and did you just start shooting or have you done it forever? Thank you for your humor,wit and devotion to Glousta.I love this stinkin’ island !!!!!!

For most of the pictures I use a Sony H3.  It is not as good as a DSLR like a Nikon D40 which my wife has but it is a nice compromise of smallish size with a ten times optical zoom.  It wouldn’t be practical for me to lug a big camera around and at least half of the shots I take are of the spontaneous kind which wouldn’t happen if my camera wasn’t on my person when something took place.

I’ve been shooting for a couple of years but in no way do I consider myself a professional.  About half the shots I take are with the automatic settings unless I know there is something I want to mess with and I’ll make a manual adjustment.

There are many far greater photographers than me who have blogs like Steve B, Jay Albert, Jim Barber, Sharon Lowe, and Mark Teiwes.  What I think I bring to the local blogging world is a combination of journalistic flair, and I’m not intimidated to get in someone’s grill with my camera.  I like pictures of boats as I take my fair share of them and I like pictures of the harbor but the work I like the most is the personal shots of people doing something or up close that can tell a story.  I’m in sort of a unique situation because I know so many diverse people between the restaurateurs, fishermen, and artisans around town and I’m also sort of a tech geek so when you put all that together I think it makes for a semi-interesting blog.