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USS AGH Rehab Rebels

HalloweenPumpkinAGH5082wmTrue Story: At Addison Gilbert Hospital, dressed as pirate Captain Fred for an injection, I had a little time before the Dial-A Ride bus ride home. The costumed Witch and Thing 1 in Oncology suggested I see the pumpkin carving contest display in the cafeteria. Not having my glasses on, I looked at the entrees. I picked my favorite. It happened to be the AGH Rehab Rebels, where I go for my PT now. I gave them my vote. Today I went to see them, and (brace yourself), free-walked 80 feet. My medical professionals and friends are helping me so much, and I’m trying to do everything right.

Punkin Carvin! Contest At Art Haven This Saturday!

Dawn Gadow writes-

Hey Joey – Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest on Saturday afternoon! If you could get this out for us that would be awesome🙂 Open to all ages – we’ve got pumpkins and fall snacks, just have to bring a costume and fun ideas!