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The beautiful juvenile Harbor Seal was found on a foggy morning in midsummer. The seal was beached at the high tide line and its breathing was heavy and labored. It had no interest in returning to the water and needed only to remain at rest.

For the next six hours the seal struggled to survive the world of curious humans.

Learn what to do if you find a seal on the beach.

The two agencies listed below have in my experience been helpful:

Massachusetts Environmental Police: 508-753-0603

Northeast Region Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding and Entanglement Hotline: 866-755-6622

Reposted from August 14th. See original post here.


How much could I charge for a seminar to teach people how to look for things on the internet using a search engine?


You may think I’m kidding but I’m dead serious.

Or maybe the President of the United States could pay me to do a national public service announcement campaign explaining how to do it. 

What would I need like a 30 second spot on all the major networks on how to point your computer to Google and type the words of the subject that you are looking for and then hit the enter button.

Is that even 30 seconds?  Maybe I could speed talk my way through it in 15 seconds and we could buy double the air space.


This is but one question of about the 20 emails I get a day asking me to find things that had been on the blog a previous day or last week-

Recently you posted sista felicias recipe for haddock chowder.  I failed to keep it.  Can you please send it to me?


My response-

Good Morning:)

Try this

go to this site-


then go to the top right corner where the search box is.

once you locate the search box type in “Haddock Chowder”

I bet you find the recipe.

Alternatively you could go to www.google.com

Once there you could find the search box and type in goodmorninggloucester haddock chowder

I bet that would do the trick as well.

have an awesome day

Now if I took my time to respond this calmly to every person that asks me on a daily basis to find something that had been on the blog before I’d never have time to actually produce any content.

What I wanted to do was tear what little bit of hair that I have left out of my scalp and scream because I just can’t understand how hard it is to perform an internet search or what the disconnect is that people are unwilling to perform one.  Is it possible in this day and age when Google is one of the largest companies in the world and part of the Fortune 500 that people don’t know it exists or what it is for?  It is clearly obvious that that disconnect exists for a huge number of the population.  Otherwise I wouldn’t get 20-30 emails a day asking me to find previous posts for people.

This is why the Government giving me a ginormous grant to do a PSA on how to perform internet searches would be probably the best money they ever spent.  Think about the productivity gains you would get from educating what my conservative estimate is 20% of the population who do not know how to search the internet for what they are interested in.

Please for the love of god, help spread the word of this thing called Google– so that all of mankind will benefit and middle aged balding bloggers will be less inclined to tear what little hair they have left on their head out.

Please and Thank You.


Video: The Good Harbor Seal ~ What to do if you find a seal on the beach

The beautiful juvenile Harbor Seal was found on a foggy morning in midsummer. The seal was beached at the high tide line and its breathing was heavy and labored. It had no interest in returning to the water and needed only to remain at rest.

For the next six hours the seal struggled to survive the world of curious humans.

Learn what to do if you find a seal on the beach.

Written, produced, edited, cinematography, and narration by Kim Smith.

The Good Harbor Beach Seal PSA was created because of the lack of understanding on the part of my fellow beachgoers on how to mangae a seal encounter. Please help get the word out and please forward the link to friends and neighbors in other communities, whether or not the community is located by the sea. It was the folks from out of town that did not understand that the seal needed simply to be left alone. Thank you!

Although the Good Harbor Seal was not injured, help was needed with the gathering crowd. I called our local police, who in turn sent Lieutenant Roger Thurlow from the Environmental Police. Has anyone had experience with a marine stranding, and if so, is the following the best number to call: Northeast Region Marine Mammal and Sea Turtle Stranding and Entanglement Hotline ~ 866-755-6622? I will post your hotline recommendations here.

Technical note–The video was filmed without a tripod because I was afraid the tripod would look like a gun and didn’t want to further stress the seal. After reading more about Harbor Seals, I learned that their big brown eyes are particularly adapted to sight in murky water (i.e. harbor waters), but that their eyesight is not that good on land. In retrospect, I don’t think that the seal would have associated the tripod with a weapon. Also, I filmed at a distance much further away than my camera’s capabilities, which caused much vignetting around the edges of many of the clips. I didn’t want to stand close to the seal and be the filmmaker-who-becomes-part-of-the-problem, and not the solution.

Breaking News: Good Harbor Beach Seal Survives


PSA To All You Kids Out There- You Think The First Time This Broad Popped A Pill She Ever Imagined That She’d End Up A Mess like This?

Andrea Cortois posted this to twitter-

This girl could have been attractive.  She could have been a lot of things.  But look at her.

A mess.

Think any addict starts out taking drugs thinking they were ever going to end up blowing ugly dudes so they can afford their next fix?  Think anyone ingests balloons full of drugs only to shit them out to smuggle them or hide them because they’re normal?

Here’s a little suggestion for you-

Don’t think you’re stronger than the drug.   It doesn’t matter how strong willed you think you might be.  Imagine if the chance of you got addicted was only 10% even though it’s way higher.  Would you take a 10% chance that you’d ever end up looking like this chick?

Would you take a 10% chance that you’d end up getting screwed by ugly dudes for money to buy drugs because you were that desperate?

Do yourself a favor and find other ways to distract yourself.  Throw yourself into creating art.  Throw yourself into sports or working out.  Throw yourself into taking higher education classes.

Throw yourself into anything but taking drugs.  Not once.  Not ever.

Don’t be the chick with horrible acne screwing ugly dudes for money to buy dope.

Eastern Point PSA and Happenings From Dani Lubbers

Hi Joey!

Keeping you updated with the happenings down at Eastern Point Lighthouse. With all of this ridiculous snow, we decided that we should do something constructive with it. So naturally we built this huge ass igloo. We aren’t skilled enough to put a roof on it, but we did our best. We’d like to invite you to an igloo party sometime….I’m sure this beast will be standing until June. -Dani Lubbers


I’d like to give anyone and everyone a heads up about the parking lot at the end of Eastern Point. THERE IS SNOW – IT HAS NOT BEEN PLOWED – STOP THINKING YOUR FORD FOCUS HAS 4WD. Thanks.:)




Igloo Party!!!!  I Want In!!!!!!

Public Service Announcement- Don’t be the person who……..

Don’t be the person who wears one of those annoying bluetooth headsets.

I’m here to save you from looking like an ass hat.

My first experience with this evil contraption came about 4 years ago while on vacation in Naples Florida. I was bellied up to a tiki bar enjoying an adult beverage and taking in the gentle Florida breezes while watching the Sox on the TV behind the bar. Well wouldn’t you know that some self important prick sits down right next to me in too-tight spandex biking shorts with his gut peeking out of his sweaty, spandex, screaming yellow biking shirt. It was bad enough that there were 8 empty bar stools at this particular tiki bar and this ignorant SOB decided to park his sweaty ass directly next to me but what happened next was the topper.

This prick takes a business call on his bluetooth earpiece and is babbling away in a loud voice right next to me. Has this ever happened to you?

First off I’m there to relax. I just got away from my business, what makes you think I want to listen to you deal with yours?

Secondly it wasn’t even like he tried to speak in a hushed tone or step away from the bar, he was talking full bore right next to me as if I didnt exist.

Third they look STUPID!     News Flash buddy- YOU LOOK LIKE A DOPE WEARING THAT THING!

There are very few instances where I would say they are acceptable and none of them include the words vacation, tiki bar, social setting, or leisure activity. If you have a sales job and use one in a car while you are driving between sales calls, by all means use it. But FFS take the godamned thing out of your ear once you get out of the car or you will forever risk being ridiculed as the ass wipe wearing a bluetooth around town.

Thank you for listening to this very important public service announcement.

Bluetooth Douchebag

The above is not my image^^^^^^^^^^^^It’s something I pulled from the net.