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GMG Ahead Of The Curve, Natch

The New Your Times Posts an article yesterday-


A Different Poll Question: Who Do You Think Will Win?

Published: November 1, 2012

In the tight 2004 campaign, the polls that asked Americans which candidate they supported — all the way up to the exit polls — told a confusing story about whether President George W. Bush or Senator John Kerry would win.

But another kind of polling question, which received far less attention, produced a clearer result: Regardless of whom they supported, which candidate did people expect to win? Americans consistently, and correctly, said that they thought Mr. Bush would.

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Yeah, as usual we’re 2 days to a week ahead of traditional media.  The GMG poll posted on October 28th.  It’s just what we do, who we are- out in front baby.

The First Official GMG Presidential Poll Romney vs Obama Who Ya Got For the Win?

Posted on October 28, 2012 by Joey C

Comments will not be approved on this post.  It’s strictly a poll.

We will see how accurately the GMG viewing audience can predict the next Presidential election.

Thanks Marty for forwarding the link to The New York Times piece.

The New York Times, just the latest to ride our coat tails. Winking smile