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GMG FOB Dave Moore Shares A Beautiful St. Joseph Prayer Song


St Joe

Huge GMG FOB Dave Moore writes~Dedication for all!
That’s great smile dedicated this to you and entire group the love and gift of sharing – Where we find solace

God Bless!

Dave &  Kim

Sista Felicia ~  Dave attached a YouTube video about The Feast Of St.  After watching it several times last night, I knew I had to share it with the GMG community today. Take a moment to read the  beautiful story about the miraculous ways of St. Joseph’s. It brought tears to my eyes, and the Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina song will be added to our St. Joseph prayer/song books this year.

Prayer of St Joseph, sung by Angelina


For Story about Video and copy of The Pray Of St. Joseph  written in Sicilian taken from the pages of our St. Joseph Novena Prayer book click see more Read more