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Good Morning Gloucester Series: Tips For PR Professionals Part III

Tips from Joey C the creator of Good Morning Gloucester, a hyperlocal blog with global appeal reaching an average of 38,000 a day and winner of CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger Award.

Here are part I and part II of the series

The Pitch: Send in the Smokeshows.  

You won’t be getting any politically correct advice here so if you want to act high and mighty and deny the facts then stop reading now.

You want to pitch a story that you want to see get some traction?  Send in the smokes.  Find out who the media person is and if it’s a middle aged male reporter or media person you send in the hottest piece of ass PR broad you have on your staff.  If the media person you are trying to reach out to is some middle aged or old cougar send in your biggest beefcake on staff. 

It’s the same in sales.  The Mrs got hired to work for Pfizer right out of college selling Viagra.  Her first year out she won four sales award trips to exotic locations in the Caribbean and around the country.  There would be about 40 other reps that won these sales awards from the different regions around the country.  You want to know what 95% of them all had in common?  You guessed it, they were all smokeshows. 

You think they’re a bunch of dummies over at Pfizer?  You don’t think with the zillions of dollars that company makes that they have their marketing strategy on point?  They know what they’re doing when they hire smart, friendly attractive people, believe me. 

Another analogy:

If you own a business you know how many different sales people come in pitching products.   You get all different types of sales people all day long coming in to try to sell you cleaning supplies, office supplies, better rates on your electric bill, different phone services, ect ect ect… 

After a while business owners look at sales people like lepers.  We’re all way too busy to listen to the 30th sales pitch for phone service.  You don’t think it’s the same way for a reporter who listens to his 30th pitch for a story about xyz for the 30th time? 

So you send in the smokeshow or beefcake depending on the respective sales target. All of a sudden the middle aged business owner who probably hasn’t gotten a beaner from their wife or husband in forever is all ears.  Now your chances of having that pitch at the very least listened to instead of a door being slammed in their face goes up tenfold.

So say you as a PR office manager have yet another dogshit story you need to pitch for a client.  Send in the smokeshow.  Send in the beefcake.  Get that story placed.

This whole concept is probably one of those “master of the obvious” concepts but I feel it bears repeating.

Sex sells. 

I’m not saying you gotta give oral to get that story pitched but if you want to go the extra mile….

Good Morning Gloucester Series: Tips For PR Professionals Part II

The stuff you didn’t learn in PR school from your boy Joey C

You want to get that story placed?  Food.

Sounds too easy, right?

But there’s something about food that is primal, that hits people in subconscious places that I can’t really describe.  Personally I’m hard pressed to say no to someone that shows up here with a cannoli or a cup of coffee and a pastry and pitches a story.  Or a restaurant that occasionally tunes me up.   I never ask for anything and lots of times I turn down an offer for some free grub but it’s more the gesture of the offer and then if I’m hungry and someone puts food in front of me- I remember that.

To be clear, I would never give a glowing recommendation for a restaurant that sucks ass.  I wouldn’t trade in my credibility for that. If I’m raving about something, believe me it is rave worthy.

I’m just saying that for a little gesture like a cannoli, a story that I might phone in gets a little extra special attention, whether it be a heavy web traffic time placement or the amount of time I’ll devote toward editing some shitty copy, whatever.  Let’s just say it’s a good investment to show up with something tasty.

I know you want to try to work with the tools you learned at college in books or from your time at a newspaper where you were supposed to have journalistic integrity, but this is 2012 baby and you’re in PR.   You’ve already sold out, you’ve got a job to do, you’ve got a story to place, you want results.  Get that story pitched with a nice big goddamned cannoli and I guarantee your success rate jumps up by at least 50%.

Of course the best pitch is for something that truly is a great story with mass appeal for a reporter or media outlet but if you’re working with a dogshit story to begin you gotta think like that old school adage- “The fastest way to a man’s heart is his stomach”  So picture your crappy story like the chubby pimply 33 year old broad that can’t find a mate to spend their life with but figures out how to cook up a storm and suddenly finds the man of her dreams because she feeds him like a king.

It sounds so primal, right?  Well you can overcomplicate things and talk PR acronyms all day long from your PR how-to guide book or you can show up with a cannoli and make things happen. #Boom!

Thank you, I’m here to help

Joey C

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New Good Morning Gloucester Series: Tips For PR Professionals

Hey I just created and edit a blog that reaches an average of 38,000 people a day and won CBS Boston’s Most Valuable Blogger Award.   What do I know, right?


I’m no professional but I’d like to offer up tips to the PR professional who may be responsible for getting out their client’s messages or their community organization’s message.

From an editor’s perspective who gets to decide what makes it on our pages I’ll offer up some tips on how to get the stuff you are interested in promoting, promoted.

Tip #1

Make it easy for the editor.

I’m running a business and get to tend to the blog in the sparse down time that I have from running the business that pays my bills.  Make shit easy for me.

The best press releases are interesting stories that provide some type of payback for my readership.

In the email that you send me pitching your idea, type it out the way you would like it written and in the subject line type the title of the post the way you would like to see it on the blog.

I’m not too proud, I’m a goddamn professional copy and paster, believe me.  If I can easily copy and paste your copy without it being in some crazy font or weird formatted margins that makes me happy.  The worst is when I  have to backspace 40 lines of copy to make it look like a normal paragraph and I tend to get irritated when I get something preformatted in some weird 7 words of copy per line.  The absolute worst.  I have better stuff to do than to realign your message.  I can create much more interesting stuff for my readership in the limited time I have to work on my publication than what I will be editing for you, believe me.

In the email you send, include the hyperlinks to the corresponding organization or where you want the reader to go for more info.

Provide a nice pdf and think about where it will be displayed.  For example: if your organization is making flyers to post on standard sized 8.5 x 11 inch paper for around town and you send that to me with standard sized font, when it gets shrunk down for display on the blog, the column which we display it will be about half that.  So the standard sized font you used for a coffee shop flyer will be half that size when posted the blog and barely legible if legible at all.

If you continually send me stuff that I need to edit the shit out of to make work I will ignore you (unless I really like you and you bring me food).

This will be a weekly feature.

Pass it on.