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Boom Truck with Powerblock

Boom Truck with Powerblock, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

This is the boom truck for the Western Venture Herring operations. Instead of a team of ten men handling the huge herring nets, the powerblock attached to the boom on this truck will load the net effortlessly so it can be brought to places like Swan Net up in the Blackburn Industrial park to be mended.

Offloading Nets on The Western Venture Herring Boat

This Power Block is attached to this truck on a boom. The power block is hydraulically powered to rotate and pull the net up and over the rail of the boat. This type of work used to be done by hand.

Once offloaded the net can be transported by truck to an open space where it can be stretched out and worked on.

Another technological advance which lends marine work to not need to have such a wide footprint on a harbor. That space that used to be needed along waterfronts to repair nets can now be done in covered buildings in industrial parks like Swan Net does up at The Blackburn Industrial Park in Gloucester.