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Gloucester recognized as one of America’s top 10 towns for craft lovers | 2017 annual American Craft Week October 6-15

Thanks to Pauline Bresnahan for promoting Gloucester and MA.

Our neighbors in ME have a lot of listings.


Now in its eighth year, American Craft Week is the country’s largest celebration of handmade American craft. It will take place this October 6 – 15 2017 in galleries, festivals, museums, libraries and artist studios across the country. Learn more at americancraftweek.com


Craft in America premieres its newest episode, NATURE, this Friday, April 21 on PBS. (Check local listing for time.) One of the featured artists is Iowa City basket maker extraordinaire, Mary Merkel-Hess. Learn more about this new episode and the wonderful craft artists it features: www.craftinamerica.org.


See the winners of the 2016 Rising Star Competition, naming 30 exceptional craft artists under the age of 30. See them all at www.ACWshowcase.com

Cape Ann Fall art fairs and events 

Beauport Hotel’s Walls Celebrate Gloucester’s Heritage – F/V Linda B.

Nina Goodick reflects on a painting by Robert C. Gruppé of her grandfather’s boat “The Linda B.”  hanging in the Hotel.

Also see posts spotlighting Nina and her pottery at Ceramic Festival .


Gifts from the Community

Joey does the unboxing of his new swag, and here's one of my gifts from Friday night's GMG Holiday Party. Let's call it "unbagging."

Joey does the unboxing of his new swag, and here’s one of my gifts from Friday night’s GMG Holiday Party. Let’s call it “unbagging.”

Gloucester potter Marty Morgan came to the party, and plunked this down on my desk. For me!

Gloucester potter Marty Morgan came to the party, and plunked this down on my desk. For me!

And this is it baby! I'm not sure what those bulbs are, but I'm really glad I didn't take a bite of one of those white rocks. I only hear good words about Marty. www.martymorgan pots.com

And this is it baby! I’m not sure what those bulbs are, but I’m really glad I didn’t take a bite of one of those white rocks. I only hear good words about Marty. http://www.martymorgan pots.com

Artist Spotlight Series – Nina Goodick

spotlight_nina goodick

Spotlight on Nina Goodick.

Nina was born and raised in Gloucester and comes from a hardworking family of Sicilian Italian and Portugese Gloucester Fisherman. Her great grandfathers, grandfathers, father, uncles, and brother were all fisherman and she spent summers on the family fishing boat the “Linda B”. From them and the women of the family, she learned hard work, love of family, faith, and of course food. Nina says: “In an Italian family, food is love, and we feed everything.” Family has always, and will always be the most important thing in her life.

Relatively new to the pottery world, Nina has been taking classes for the past few years with Cynthia Curtis and has enjoyed the company of her new fellow potter friends. In 2012 Nina was nominated as a seArts emerging artist, and from there decided to emerge herself into learning more about pottery. Her husband Stephen, who constantly encourages her, built her a studio to work from in their home. Then came the kiln, and lots of clay and learning. Her dear friend Marty Morgan, encouraged her to explore glazes, throwing technique, and to embrace the opening of the kiln – something any potter will tell you is both exciting and terrifying.

Nina enjoys throwing functional pottery, bowls, mugs, platters, things you can use. In addition to these, she recently has been creating wall pieces – Codfish, Haddock and Redfish – which connect her to her family heritage. She has also been making wall crosses which she was inspired to create through her work with a medical mission group from the Holy Family Parish, helping the poor in the Dominican Republic. Most of her inspiration comes from her family, friends, faith, and her sister Theresa who is an artist. Nina has always looked up to her creativity and abilities to capture feelings in her artwork. Nina does not consider herself an artist, but just a person who like to make pots.

This past year Nina was a participant in the Cape Ann Ceramics Festival at Rocky neck, and the Pottery Trail. Having people visit her studio and home gallery was a great experience for her, which she truly enjoyed. She is a member of seArts, and the Rocky Neck Art Colony. Her work can be seen at the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Craft Festival weekends through December 29th, seArts Wearable Art & Home Décor Show, December 14th & 15th, and Flatrocks Gallery Feast Exhibit through December 28th.

If you’ve finished shoveling out and want to have some fun, come by the Center for Happy Hour from 3-5:00 today and see some of Nina’s work, which is being exhibited alongside some of her sister, Theresa’s work.

E.J. Lefavour

Spotlight on Marty Morgan

spotlight_marty morgan

Spotlight on Marty Morgan Pottery

Marty Morgan was a French lit major in college, but a good friend introduced her to the magic of clay and firing. She learned the basics of throwing on the wheel with Frances Trapp at the Boston Museum School. Living in California in the late 60’s she learned to fire gas kilns, did extensive glaze testing and took many workshops at Big Creek Pottery in Santa Cruz, with Daniel Rhodes and other well-known potters.

Returning to the East Coast in 1972 Marty opened a retail crafts gallery and teaching studio, the Works, in Manchester, MA. In 1979 she moved to her present home on the Mill River in Gloucester, turning the garage into a studio and showroom. The studio features her dream kiln, a 65 cubic foot car kiln, which is loaded in the studio and then rolled outside to be fired.

As well as creating her own work, Marty has been very involved in the Cape Ann community, as a founding member and president of the Cape Ann Artisans which has held studio tours twice a year for over 30 years. She is also known as “the bowl lady” for her work helping to organize the Empty Bowl event, an annual fundraiser since 2001 for the Open Door food pantry. Marty says: “After making pots for forty years, I still love it when someone tells me they have to have their coffee in a Marty mug”.

Marty will be holding an Open House at her studio December 7th & 8th, 10 -5 featuring her porcelain mugs, serving pieces, lamps and vases and her latest “quarry vessels” and tile wall sculptures. Stop by for some home-made cookies and holiday cheer.

Marty Morgan Pottery 428 Washington Street, Gloucester. 978-281-3347 http://www.martymorganpots.com

E.J. Lefavour

Artist Spotlight Series – Jenny Rangan

spotlight_jenny rangan

Spotlight on Jenny Rangan

Jenny grew up in Northern New Mexico in an adobe house with a woodstove, an outhouse, and a well for water, so her first experience of clay was living in it, with all its colors and curves and glorious decay.

Jenny officially fell in love with clay in college and earned a degree in Fine Art from UNM with an emphasis on Ceramics. Following graduation she created outdoor sculpture from adobe, apprenticed with Avra Leodas (current owner of Santa Fe Clay) in Santa Fe, NM, and made pit-fired pots from micaceous clay with Felipe Ortega in La Madera, NM. She then spent 20 years as a Bodyworker and Counselor, barely touching clay.

Inspired by classes at Cynthia Curtis’ Studio in Rockport, she has re-emerged over the last four years with full passion. Jenny loves to work sculpturally, combining thrown and handbuilt elements, aspiring to a combination of spontaneity and grace. Currently she enjoys creating functional art that can bring beauty, pleasure and meaning to everyday life.

This past August Jenny co-created and co-curated the first Cape Ann Ceramics Festival with Susan Hershey and Seyrel Williams at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, an amazing and very successful event.

Over the holidays her work will be in the Rocky Neck Holiday Art and Fine Crafts Festival 11/30-12/29, in Feast at Flatrocks in Lanesville through 12/29, in the Wearable Art and Home Décor Show and Sale at the Sawyer Free Library 12/14-15, and at Cynthia Curtis Student and Studio Pottery Show 12/13-12/22. Jenny’s work can also be seen at Artitudes in West Newton, MA


E.J. Lefavour

Artist Spotlight Series – Susan Hershey

spotlight_susan hershey

Artist Spotlight on Susan Hershey

Susan’s wood kiln is fired several times a year. Firings take anywhere from 15 to 25 hours to complete and require constant feeding of the fireboxes. A group of potters work together, and the firings are joyous events that can last late into the night or early morning. Before it can be opened, the kiln must cool for at least as long as it’s been hot. Some of the markings on the pots are a result of the ash and flames that swirl around inside during the firing.

Ben Ryterband, Susan’s first teacher at Mass College of Art & Design, introduced her to Japanese glazes. She feels very fortunate to have taken workshops and classes with Rockport potter/teacher, Cynthia Curtis, as well as Lanesville’s own potter par excellence Anni Melançon, Welsh potter Phil Rogers, Minnesota potter Linda Christainson, the Shino Warrior Malcolm Davis, North Carolina potter Michael Kline, wood fire guru Jack Troy, Tim Rowan, hand builder extraordinaire Hayne Bayless, Robert Briscoe, Ken Matsuzaki, Shoji Hamada’s grandson Tomoo Hamada, living legend Warren Mackenzie and New Hampshire wonder potter Karen Orsillo.

As Susan says: “Pots that look as though they’ve been dug up from the earth touch my soul; the Japanese aesthetic influences my work, as well as the powerful and beautiful ocean and granite that make living on Cape Ann so special and spiritual. I produce useful vessels and ceramics to please the eye and the heart in the belief that we all must give to the world love, honesty and beauty.”

You can see more of Susan’s work at The Cultural Center at Rocky Neck, 6 Wonson Street, East Gloucester during the Rocky Neck Holiday Art & Fine Crafts Festival

Saturdays and Sundays, Noon-4 PM

November 30 – December 29


E.J. Lefavour

Meet The Artist Reception At Aquatro Gallery For Artist Catherine McMurray

Catherine McMurray
Aquatro Gallery Kicks Off Cape Ann Ceramics Festival Weekend with Tennessee Artist Catherine McMurray’s Delightfully Sublime Pottery.
Artist Catherine McMurray’s Meet The Artist reception provides a chance to open the Cape Ann Ceramics Festival in style. Her greenware pottery has already been a big hit at Aquatro Gallery this season, as have been her gorgeous raku pots with natural fiber handles. McMurray will also be bringing new work for this event, raku platters, lamps and vases and other items in a beautiful radiant, dazzling glaze called Dolphin Blue.
Held in conjunction with the inaugural Cape Ann Ceramics Festival which serves to draw attention to the artists working in clay and porcelain across the Cape Ann region, this Meet The Artist event whets the appetite for month-long event anchored at the Cultural Center at Rocky Neck in East Gloucester, MA. McMurray’s work encompasses both those turned on the wheel and hand-built using a variety of glazes (most notably the MacKersie copper glaze). A native Vermonter trained at SUNY Potsdam, her Turning Grace Studio located outside of the Nashville area in Brentwood, TN has operated since 2000. This is Catherine McMurray’s appearance on Rocky Neck.
Meet The Artist Reception
for Catherine McMurray
at Aquatro Gallery
Saturday, August 10, 2013, 5-8PM
Aquatro Gallery
77 Rocky Neck Avenue
Gallery #4
Gloucester MA 01930

Making Pottery at the Hive

The Hive offers all sorts of fun art classes, including pottery. I tried my hand at the pottery wheel recently, and had a lot of fun! Here are some photos.

You start by getting your hands dirty…

When you’re done, the clay has to be fired in the kiln with a whole batch of pottery. So, you have to wait a week or so, until it is ready to be painted.

Painting the fired clay comes next…

…then you cover it all with glaze and wait for it to be fired in the kiln again…

…and thus it emerges from the kiln! Not bad for a novice!

And it’s useful, too…

Click on over to The Hive’s website to see the upcoming courses and workshops for teens and adults – or to Art Haven for children’s programs!

Fr. Matthew Green


I need to uncork this jar and get at least two miracles right now…

The pottery in the sunlight was bought at Bodin Historic Photo and Fine Art which sells a variety of this kind of pottery by a local artist.  Bodin is having an open event with wine, cheese and chocolate this Saturday night from 5-9PM – come wearing red!  The Celtic-ornamented pewter cup in the shadow in this photo is Irish pewter sold at The Pewter Shop in Rockport.  Two of our many fine Cape Ann establishments!

GMG contributors at the Matz gallery (Sawyer Free Library)

Not to toot our own horn, but I want to share a couple of photos of the exhibit of photos, painting, pottery, and origami by GoodMorningGloucester contributors!  The exhibit started on New Years Day and runs through the month of January.

A panoramic overview of the exhibit

It was hard to take this panorama, because it required a series of photos, and the library is (thankfully) a busy place, with lots of people walking in and out!

Closeup of some of the non-photographic work

Stop in to see the work closer up for yourself!  The library is located across the street from City Hall.   Directions and hours (and more, of course!) are available on the library website.

GMG Artist Spotlight.

notes from the clay studio

About Me

I’ve been a graphic designer, a technical illustrator and a painter for over 20 years, but when I touched clay for the first time, I was thoroughly captivated and haven’t looked back since. Clay is an art form that combines everything I love: the relationship between form and function, design, fine craftsmanship, color and texture. I like the wet clay stage best: the rawness and true nature of the material exposed and the wonderful, supple way the forms feel in my hands. Once the work goes through the bisque and glazing process, some amount of control is lost. Often things don’t make it through the firing, not in the way one hopes anyway. It’s always a risk, but that’s where Alchemy comes in and sometimes if you’re lucky you get something truly remarkable and unexpected, another aspect besides the ”Zen of Centering” that attracts and holds my attention like no other medium. The best part of the process is opening the kiln at the end of a firing and taking out each layer of kiln shelves, revealing a treasure hidden underneath and cementing the surprise factor that has captured me so well.

click here for the melynn allen Website.

Sista Felicia and Roselle From Glazed Will Be Teaming Up For A Fun Springtime Basket Project

This will be a project that can be used year after year for very little dough and will provide an activity over the course of a couple days.

For more info you can check back here or go to Roselle’s Glazed page


Check out the video-

Last Minute Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me you are about to start panicking because you haven’t bought any Christmas presents. Not a problem. Last year I stopped at Fred Bodin’s Historic Photo right in the West End in Gloucester at 82 Main Street and picked up a ceramic striper and a map of our neighborhood from the 1800s.  My kitchen wall:

Besides Fred’s shop there is Bananas, David Cox’s Antique store and a bunch of other good places along Main street to pick up some weird stocking stuffers.

You might ask, what the hell is that thing to the left it looks like an eel is stuck in the wall?! I call him Spot and I laugh every time I see it.  I picked that up on the 2010 Artisan’s Tour from Twin Light Studio on 52 South Street Rockport. Erin and Scott have a wall of these fish heads. You can click here and download the  2010 Artisans Brochure and circle Cape Ann picking up Christmas presents. The potters David Archibald (Plum Cove Pottery), Marty Morgan (428 Washington St), and Cynthia Curtis (follow signs to Paper House and go to top of hill), are great for picking up that last minute gift. And I just thought of another good gift. Have you got a husband or son you want to punt out of the house this winter for just a few hours? Give him the gift of a set of pottery lessons at Cynthia Curtis’ studio. She and expert potters from across Cape Ann teach you how much fun it is to throw a pot. If you don’t want to teach your husband how to throw a pot, send the kids on the weekend. All the addresses/contact info are in the brochure.

So get Christmas shopping but leave me some, I haven’t started yet.

[edit] Sheesh I called David Cox, Fred Cox. Sometimes I type too fast without thinking. Don’t anyone tell him. He doesn’t go on the intertubes so he’ll never know.

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