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endangered and threatened species from mary barker- and a Poll

Hi Joey,

I had the unexpected pleasure of finding some Snowy Egrets, which are a threatened species, while I was killing some time in Ipswich last week.  One male was vying for the attention of 2 females.  He was putting on quite a show.  I also had the good fortune to encounter 8 Lady Slippers, an endangered species, while hiking in So. Hamilton.  I did not have my tripod with me to get super clean shots, but thought they were worth sharing.

Mary Barker

Editor’s Note from Joey-

When the person who named the Lady Slipper The Lady Slipper thought to themselves- “Hmmm what shall I call this magnificent flower?” and then came up with “Lady Slipper” I’m trying to figure out how they didn’t name it a Lady Vagina.

Lady Slipper…  Really?

When you look at it can you honestly tell me that looks more like a slipper than a a vajajay?

That thing’s got Lady Vagina written all over it.  Like you know how the term white rice perfectly describes white rice?  That’s the way I feel about the Lady Vagina. It’s misleading to name it a Lady Slipper- Borderline criminal actually.  False advertising 101.

In fact I think we ought to start a campaign to have the flower renamed so people don’t get confused.  It’s only right.

Lady Vagina FTW

Poll Time!

lady slipper 1lady slipper 2




lady slipper

snowy egret male in full display snowy egrets taking off snowy egret female

Help Me Decide Which Color For The New GMG Caps

I’m ordering some crazy high quality hi stitch count GMG Caps but need help deciding the color.  I’m only ordering 24 with the mesh back because those are the caps I prefer but I know our readership will probably prefer a stonewashed canvas type cap so there will be two different styles.

The mesh ones will be black or navy with a white mesh back.

I went with three color hi stitch count ridiculous quality.  They aren’t cheap but I want to put out a killer product.

Keep in mind that blue has been the GMG background color from the beginning.

Ron Gilson says the black is too harsh (I think the old timer’s getting soft on us).

Help me decide in a vote


Black or Navy


If Someone Handed You a Sandwich That Clearly Had Been Opened And A Bite Taken Out Of It

and never mentioned it had been previously eaten…

Would you eat it?

2013-05-21 14.46.31 - Copy


This is how the wrapper looked like after it came out of the bag-

2013-05-21 14.46.16

The Elephant In The Room- This Chick’s Camel Toe

Is it possible she doesn’t know she’s rocking the most obvious camel toe in the history of camel toes?

Serious question.  Can a woman have a camel toe like this and not realize it?

I’m thinking this chick totally knows whats going on here and knows the only way to get people to listen to her inane internet ramblings is to do something so diabolical that people around the world would be talking about how insane her camel toe was.


Get me signed up with Camel Toe Lady’s PR Team STAT!

Marketing Genius Right Here.

AP Poll Shows 4 in 5 Americans Don’t Think The Redskins Should Change Their Name


WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s been a rough offseason for the Washington Redskins, and not just because of the knee injury to star quarterback Robert Griffin III.

The team’s nickname has faced a new barrage of criticism for being offensive to Native Americans. Local leaders and pundits have called for a name change. Opponents have launched a legal challenge intended to deny the team federal trademark protection. A bill introduced in Congress in March would do the same, though it appears unlikely to pass.

But a new Associated Press-GfK poll shows that nationally, “Redskins” still enjoys wide support. Nearly four in five Americans don’t think the team should change its name, the survey found. Only 11 percent think it should be changed, while 8 percent weren’t sure and 2 percent didn’t answer.

Read More: http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/nfl/news/20130502/washington-redskins-nickname.ap/#ixzz2SePBnGJ2

How do you feel about the term Redskins for a team name?  Do you think it’s offensive?  Does any time someone say something is offensive we have to change terms just because they say it’s so?  At what point do we draw the line?

Just like the Father who complained to Lego because a sticker in a Lego construction set featured a Lego figurine with the words “Hey Babe”

The horror.

I’ve been told that some women can’t stand to be called “Honey”  I’ totally get that I’m a Neanderthal but as long as I’ve used the term Honey I’ve never intended it to be offensive and can’t recall ever getting a dirty look in return.  Maybe it’s in the delivery.  Maybe the women I say it to when they hand me my coffee are cursing my Neanderthal ass under their breath at me.  I usually get a nice smile back though.  Maybe if it’s Chester the Molester tossing out the term “Honey”  they are more likely to get the creepy dude look back.

Where do you stand on Redskins Team Name and Where do you stand on the term Honey?

GloucesterCast Podcast 4/25/13 With Guest Kim Smith

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/25/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Kim Smith

Click to listen- With Host Joey C and Guest Father Matthew Green

Topics Include:

Spring, Planting, Mayor’s Poll On Good Harbor Beach Footbridge, Kim’s Black Swallowtail Butterfly Movie, Community Milkweed Planting Project, Kim’s Prius, Paul Morrison and Coyotes, Duckworth’s Bistrot, Craig Kimberley’s Bikini Speedo Dodgeball Premiere at The farm Bar and Grille, Feeling Like Your Live On Vacation In Gloucester

Mayor Kirk Shares Feedback On the Good Harbor Beach Footbridge Poll and Plans On How They Plan To Proceed From Here

Hi Joey,

The verdict from the poll is in but it really isn’t as simple as saying, well 64% voted for the aluminum fix and 36% voted for the wooden fix so we’ll put up the aluminum span.  As with just about everything, it’s way more complicated than that.  If you would allow me to,

I’d like to share some of the feedback we’ve received and how we plan on proceeding from here.

In addition to the polling results, there have been many thoughtful email and Facebook messages and phone calls that have come through my office or DPW.  An artist sent a picture of the beautiful Milton Avery painting of a couple walking across the footbridge.  Another person sent a picture of what was thought to be the actual wooden bridge that washed away and into the marsh by Stop & Shop.  Turns out, that was the section of the bridge that washed away in 2006!!  This past winter it has moved into a position where it can be retrieved and DPW will remove it.

People sent links to other “synthetic” solutions, and links to other wooden bridge examples.  And of course, your display today was beautiful.  A lot of questions have come up as well, and I will do my best to answer them.

Cost is clearly a factor that is on people’s minds.  $65,000 seemed to be outrageous for the wooden fix.  That estimate is for an outsourced solution, i.e., not using our DPW.

The timetable seemed troubling to some people.  We were required to go through a Conservation Commission review, and that takes a number of weeks in addition we had to wait to get the estimate and plan for the fix before proceeding to ConCom.

The way we put the poll out there, it wasn’t clear if we were talking about temporary fixes or permanent fixes.  Basically, ConCom has said, “this is the last temporary fix (however we do it).”  The city is encouraged to come back with a permanent plan that addresses the resource area, takes into consideration the structural integrity of the rest of the bridge, and perhaps is redesigned to withstand the types of storms and tidal surges we are experiencing.  Neither choice in the poll addressed these issues.

Then the question of the Magnolia Pier came up.  This is one of those quirky things about how our waterways are governed.  The city has responsibility for the Good Harbor Footbridge, but the Harbormaster and the Waterways Board have responsibility for the Magnolia Pier!

And then of course, some people wanted the best of both worlds – New England charm and Yankee ingenuity which I take to mean a more cost effective solution that preserves the iconic character of the footbridge.

A couple of people suggested a “buy a plank” program where if you got married on the bridge or the beach, you could buy an engraved plank to help offset the cost of the repairs.  Sort of like a memorial bench or brick program.

So – here’s what it’s come down to.  DPW Director Mike Hale and I met today, and we’ve decided to use our DPW guys to do a wooden repair.   I have directed him to retask some of his staff, order the materials and start immediately.  While this will save the city about $60,000 it reduces the manpower that DPW can devote to all those other things citizens find important (which is why outsourcing was an attractive option).

We will formulate a Building Committee as required by the City Charter and pursue a permanent redesign.  The Committee can take the time to go through all ideas, and do this right.

Joey, thank you for allowing me to pose the poll to the GoodMorningGloucester readers.  Most importantly, I appreciate the spark of discussion and ideas that ensued.
Mayor Kirk

Mayor Kirk Asks You To Vote In This Good Harbor Footbridge Poll

Mayor Kirk is asking for community feedback-

Hi Joey,
We have a bit of a dilemma regarding the Good Harbor Beach footbridge.

The estimate we have for repairs is $65,000. This is basically a temporary fix and carries the risk of being washed away during the next big storms. Also, the Conservation Commission is throwing down the gauntlet on any more temporary fixes.

An alternative would be to have the broken section be replaced with an aluminum boat ramp-like structure. It would have a synthetic decking, four feet wide with railings, and hook in on just the ends (no pilings necessary). Total cost of this fix is $20,000, the ramp would be made here in Gloucester by a Gloucester company, and could be finished within 3 weeks. It could be removed in the event of a hurricane as well.

So I gotta ask GMG readers, which would you rather?

New England Charm? ($65,000 wooden temporary repair)


Yankee Ingenuity? ($20,000 aluminum repair on broken section, rest would remain wood).

Your readers probably photograph / paint this view more than most so we thought we’d start here to gather feedback.

Mayor Kirk

Poll- WiFi On Planes or TV On Planes You Vote.

I’ve flown AirTran this year who boasts of having WiFi equipped planes. On this Jet Blue flight where I am composing this post and will save it as a draft on my laptop until I can get home to a WiFi signal and upload it there are seats which are all equipped with Direct TV and a pretty good selections of stations.

If you could pick just one, which would it be- $10 per flight WiFi or free direct TV?

Next scenario- Free WiFi or Free Direct TV.

Personally I’d take the WiFi in both situations but I’m curious what our readership would pick.

So vote in our poll and leave a comment in the comment section below this post.

For those of you who still haven’t figured out the comment section if you look directly below the body of this post there should be a word that says “comment”.  Click the word “comment” and put in your two cents on any post.  TY.


Poll: Does It Make Me A Bad Perspon If I Don’t Wanna Clean Up Someone Else’s Pee On A Public Toilet Seat

Here’s the scenario:

You walk into a public bathroom to relieve myself (number 1) and the one toilet in there has the toilet seat down and someone else’s pee all over it.

I’m just not gonna be the guy who grabs toilet paper and cleans off someone else’s pee.

Would you clean off the toilet seat first?

Over /Under On How Fast The Rutgers Basketball Coach Gets Fired Poll

I understand he’s officially suspended but there’s no way this guy doesn’t get fired, only question is how fast Rutgers can get rid of this guy.

I’m thinking if the AD had seen the tape and didn’t do anything about it he’s gonna go too, no?

GMG Discussion With Host Joey C, Paul Frontiero and Paul Morrison

GMG Discussion March 30, 2013

Click here to play or save the podcast

We discuss:

The Gloucester Windmills

Taking The “Easter” Out Of The Easter Egg Hunt

GMG FOB Art and Photography Show at Cape Ann Giclee

Over/Under Date For Repairs To the Good Harbor Beach Footbridge (see poll below)

Monsanto and GMO discussion

Poll- Is Lenny Bruce Offensive?

Or is Dustin Hoffman playing Lenny Bruce offensive in the movie Lenny?

“I’d like to introduce you to all the niggers in my cabinet”

Serious Question- When Did A Midget Not Become A Midget?

So we’re in the car on the way to Friendlies last night and Snoop Maddie Mad brings up the subject of Leprechauns.  She asks if I ever saw a Leprechaun to which I replied- why yes I had.  Just last week in Playa Del Carmen they had this Mexican Midget  dressed up like a leprechaun who was paid to corral patrons into the bar.


I was immediately interrupted by someone I may or may not be related to through marriage telling me that I shouldn’t say that word.  To which I replied, “When did it become inappropriate to say Leprechaun?”

I was informed that we don’t call Midgets Midgets any longer, they are called “little people”  Wait, what?

When did the term Midget become a bad word?  Like when we grew up didn’t we always call midgets midgets?

I seriously never knew it was considered a slight to call a midget a midget.   Does a midget not know they are a midget any more?  Do they look in the mirror and not know they are a midget?  Or is it just the word midget recently become taboo or something.  If I’ve ever offended a midget in the past by calling them a midget and they considered it a bad term I guess I’d apologize but don’t you think it’s a much more accurate term for a small person that grows old but stays really short?

Calling someone a little person isn’t really all that descriptive is it?  For example my Snoop Maddie Mad is a little person but she’s not a midget (at least not that I can tell yet).  So that “little people” description is far less descriptive than the word midget because there’s no mistaking what you’re talking about when you use the word midget, right?

Is the term Midget off the table nowadays and if so is this a new development?

Little Person vs Midget What Do You Think?

A Very Important GMG Poll (ok, not really) From John McElhenny

wardrobe dilemma

John McElhenny writes-

Everyone knows GoodMorningGloucester readers are the most fashionable blog readers anywhere. I wore this outfit today but a certain woman I may or may not be married to gave me the look that says, “Are you really going out of the house in that outfit?” Who’s right?

2013 Bikini Speedo Dodgeball T Shirt Slogan Poll and Video From Kim Smith


Our Boy Frankie Gwynne has designed the sweetest design  Competitor T Shirts Yet.  Jungle Silkscreen Printing is generously donating the TShirts for our competitors but we are going to leave it up to you, the voers to decide what the 2013 Catch Phrase on the back of the T Shirts will read.  Pleas vote in the poll and let us settle the matter!

Here’s a video from our Kim Smith from Last Year’s Epic Event!

Snow Poll

To me what we got for snow yesterday was perfect.   A light dusting.  Just enough to make everything pretty and by the time the sun comes out and hits the ground it melts away nice.

I understand those snow freaks and skiers who if the decision was theirs we would have 2 feet a snow every day from December til May, but I’m not one of them.

The night before last the weather nerds were touching themselves innapropriately over the prospect of a monster storm but were sadly disappointed by the lack of massive power outages and destruction and the need for plowing and shoveling when it only turned out to be a dusting.

So you know how we do it, Let’s Poll this mother!

A Poll from Fr. Matthew

Regular readers might have noticed that some of the posts on GMG have been getting a little… well… earthy, or edgy, bordering on NSFW according to some.  Joey is the founder and moderator of the blog, so he can post whatever he wants.  But it creates an interesting situation for me.

I love the GMG community – both the contributors and the readers – and I love the way the blog helps us to know each other and creates community spirit.  However, personally and as a Catholic priest, I can’t approve or agree with all the content.  Does my being a regular contributor imply that I think all the content is appropriate? Should I speak out when there is a post I disagree with, find morally reprehensible, or just plain gross?  Or is that not necessary, given that this is a very diverse blog, and it is not presumed that everyone agrees with everything that everyone else says?

I have gotten feedback of different kinds from different people. Some suggest I should withdraw from the blog so as not to be associated with the cruder content. Others disagree. I’ve been back and forth about it in my own head.  So, I have decided to pose it also to you, as Joey himself often does, in the form of a poll! I am not holding myself bound to act according to the results, but I’d really like to hear your opinion through the poll and/or comments.  (Please keep the comments civil and respectful even if you disagree with other people’s comments.  Sometimes people get hot under the collar when it comes to this type of discussion.)

Note: this poll is multiple choice, so you can pick more than one answer (hopefully you won’t pick ones whose contents are mutually exclusive).

Fr. Matthew Green

Ask Joey C: Cocky Teen or Obnoxious Adolescent? With A Reader Poll

This just in to the Ask Joey Mailbag-

Horny 32 year old asks-

Hi Joey I’d like your opinion on a situation that just happened here at the restaurant.

I’m a server at #f%&(*^ Restaurant, I’m 32 years old and consider myself attractive.  Our barback has been attempting to make small talk more and more with me as he knows I’ve recently broken up with my long term boyfriend.  I’m not sure if I should be flattered or not because I don’t even think he’s 21 years old.  He’s attractive and polite but I’m over a decade older than him.

I will give him credit for his delivery.  In the course of our latest conversation he half jokingly/half serious suggested we get together and play darts and then we could go on a date.   What impressed me was his confidence in asking me out even though I’m much older than him and his delivery which left it open for me to accept or deny his advance without making it awkward the next time I see him at work.

Is it creepy for me to go out with him if he’s under 21 and I’m 32?

(Name withheld for obvious privacy reasons)

Joey C Response

Let me get right to the major points here.

I’m proud of this kid.  To be that far along in years to toss out that kind of delivery speaks volumes about his game.  He may be under 21 but his actions and delivery give him big time props in my book.  He’s also much less likely to fall asleep on your ass and take care of your womanly needs if you are more or less looking for the wham bam athletic kinda session or two.   What he probably hasn’t mastered at the tender young age of under twenty is how to please you in a slower oral down south kinda way (if you get my drift). 

It’s probably going to be more of a wham bam, hop on hop off situation.  But hey, if you were in a long term relationship that might be just what you’re looking for for a couple go-arounds and to get back in the saddle. 

Anyway I wouldn’t let the age thing get in the way if you’re just looking for some nookie and who’s to say only men can date younger women.  It’s not like you’re gonna marry the kid, by the sounds of things you’re just looking for some sugar.

Props to the youngster.  If he has the finesse and smarts to lay a line on you that smooth, why not give him a shot at the title?

#Boom! Sage Wisdom Right There Baby!




Is it strange that I enjoy writing on vacation at a beach destination?

I can’t tell you how psyched I am when I finish writing a post like the upcoming Poop vs Lysol post or the MFers Dropping Like Flies post or the St Lucia vs Turks vs Playa post.  I get this great accomplished feeling.

I get to write while the Mrs is sleeping or reading her books all day long and don’t have the duty of work which allows me the time to write what I want to write.

Creators gotta create.  I know my oldest, The Bean has this blessing/curse.  You just have to be creating and if you don’t you get depressed.  The Bean needs to be creating at all times while Snoop Maddie Mad could just chill all day long.  Two very different children I have.

Like right now, it’s 7:29AM on Tuesday as I write this and I’ve already edited two prior posts that have been scheduled for future time slots.  Been up since 5AM banging away and couldn’t be happier.  While on vacation.

I don’t know what it is but just like the Bean, I’d go stir crazy just laying in bed when I could be creating.

I might make a line of T-Shirts-




I’ve spoken with EJ about this at length and I think it’s true for any creative person be it artist, musician, writer, photographer, even business people.  I know there is not much more aggravating than being stifled when you have ideas and are kept from acting on them by time constraints, or for whatever reason.  When a truly creative person is stifled it’s tough for them to feel fulfilled.

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