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It’s A Peep Showdown! Melissa Cox’ Peep Show vs Bill Cox’ Buoy Peeps–Who Ya Got?

You know I love my polls here on GMG- Today’s comes from Bill and Melissa Cox who are fiercely competing for the crown of inner household peep centerpiece dominance. Here are your entries- Melissa Cox’ Peep Show vs. Bill Cox’ … Continue reading

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How In The World Did Yodeling Ever Become A Thing?

Will you look at this guy?  Seems like a nice enough bloke right?  Meet him on the street in plainclothes, love to tip one back with him. But then you put him in the lederhosen, tights, bib, funny hat, I … Continue reading

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Paper vs Plastic: Some Facts

Bob Velo from Crosbys Market stated in the Gloucester Daily Times article that the cost for plastic bags are 3 cents vs 10 cents for paper bags. Tax data cast doubt on claims about declining use of plastic bags in … Continue reading

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Where do you stand on the Town Of Manchester’s Plastic Bag Ban?

January 29, 2014 Impact of bag ban? Thin in Manchester By James NiedzinskiStaff Writer MANCHESTER — The use of the plastic shopping bag was formally wrapped up when the town’s ban went into effect at the start of the month, … Continue reading

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The Daily Traveler Chimes in On Gloucester’s Most Beautiful Lobster Trap Tree (and those other horribly misfigured Lobster trap trees from other places)

This Is a Thing? Lobster Trap Christmas Trees Are Serious Business in New England By Jennifer M. Wood December 7, 2013, 11:00 AM We’re always excited to discover a Christmas tree that isn’t a “tree” at all. Like the one … Continue reading

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Poll- What’s Worse? Bad Pistachio or Bad Oyster

Ever be sitting down in front of the TV eating pistachios just enjoying the shit out of them and then run into that one bad one that ruins you for pistachios for years.  I can’t even begin to describe that … Continue reading

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Poll- Should Dogs Be Alowed Off Leash On Gloucester Beaches From Sepember 16th To April 30th?

In light of the petition to allow dogs off leash on Gloucester public beaches how do you feel about the subject? Below the poll is the petition and where you can go to sign it. Toby and I discuss it … Continue reading

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Critical Question of The Day- If you had to be stuck talking to stinky guy or curmudgeon guy which would you rather?

Here’s the scenario: You absolutely have to spend time in close quarters to one of two people. One. a person that absolutely reeks of body odor and overall stench and every time yo take a breath you inhale the rottenness. … Continue reading

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Poll- Do You Know What Froyo Means?

When speaking to my boy Craig Kimberley night before last I told him that I was on my way to Cafe Bishco with Beasley and Amandacakes for some Froyo. His response? “What are you speaking, Hobbit?” Then again in the … Continue reading

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Standers vs Sitters On Pavilion Beach. Is There really any debate on this one?

Rick Terselic submits- Hi Joey:  There was a significant amount of friction between the folks on Pavilion Beach during the Greasy Pole competitions this weekend. I’m of the old school that says standing room only!  The sitters were not only … Continue reading

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McElhenny Steals The Show With This Potential Nose Pick

Kim Smith sells out Cape Ann Community Cinema with her riveting Butterfly movie and all anyone wants to talk about is this picture from the after-party. Not less than 37 emails all asking if in fact that move in the … Continue reading

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endangered and threatened species from mary barker- and a Poll

Hi Joey, I had the unexpected pleasure of finding some Snowy Egrets, which are a threatened species, while I was killing some time in Ipswich last week.  One male was vying for the attention of 2 females.  He was putting … Continue reading

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Help Me Decide Which Color For The New GMG Caps

I’m ordering some crazy high quality hi stitch count GMG Caps but need help deciding the color.  I’m only ordering 24 with the mesh back because those are the caps I prefer but I know our readership will probably prefer … Continue reading

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If Someone Handed You a Sandwich That Clearly Had Been Opened And A Bite Taken Out Of It

and never mentioned it had been previously eaten… Would you eat it?   This is how the wrapper looked like after it came out of the bag-

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The Elephant In The Room- This Chick’s Camel Toe

Is it possible she doesn’t know she’s rocking the most obvious camel toe in the history of camel toes? Serious question.  Can a woman have a camel toe like this and not realize it? I’m thinking this chick totally knows … Continue reading

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AP Poll Shows 4 in 5 Americans Don’t Think The Redskins Should Change Their Name

WASHINGTON (AP) — It’s been a rough offseason for the Washington Redskins, and not just because of the knee injury to star quarterback Robert Griffin III. The team’s nickname has faced a new barrage of criticism for being offensive to … Continue reading

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GloucesterCast Podcast 4/25/13 With Guest Kim Smith

GloucesterCast Podcast Taped 4/25/13 With Host Joey Ciaramitaro and Guest Kim Smith Click to listen- Topics Include: Spring, Planting, Mayor’s Poll On Good Harbor Beach Footbridge, Kim’s Black Swallowtail Butterfly Movie, Community Milkweed Planting Project, Kim’s Prius, Paul Morrison and … Continue reading

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