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They said WHAT!?

So when you see someone that has noticeably lost weight, do you say something? Do you say something like “You look great!” OR “Wow you’ve lost a ton of weight!” Oh wait, and my personal favorite “You have a pretty face.”  Do you think that person that said that realizes it’s not a compliment and actually sounds a little insulting? OR if someone talks about working out on their status and the comments below say something like “Keep up the good work!” Is that insulting insinuating they need to keep going or are those words of encouragement?

Are there any “nice” ways of saying to someone when they have noticeably lost weight? Its human nature I think to notice someone when they are different. People feel the need to say something to the other person. Has this always been the norm, to worry about complimenting someone? OR is society more emotional and politically correct these days?

Poll- Is Lenny Bruce Offensive?

Or is Dustin Hoffman playing Lenny Bruce offensive in the movie Lenny?

“I’d like to introduce you to all the niggers in my cabinet”