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Driving through Lanesville on my home from filming and the beautiful blue of ‘Flying Saucers’ caught my eye. I couldn’t resist taking a photo and circled back. Meredith Glaser, Plum Cove Grind proprietor, was just opening for the day and I couldn’t resist either her tempting blueberry oat scones. They were fantastic, chock full of blueberries and with a flaky texture, not at all glompy as is often the case with scones. Everything else on display looked very homemade and irresistibly delicious, too. I’ll definitely be back to sample more of Meredith’s yummy pastries.

Morning Glory 'Blue Star' ©Kim Smith 2015Morning Glory ‘Flying Saucer’

PLUM COVE GRIND Morning Glories ©Kim Smith 2015jpgPlum Cove Grind is located at 1064 Washington Street, Lanesville.

Plum Cove Grind muffins ©Kim Smith 2015

Plum Cove Grind ©Kim Smith 2015 copy

Closed Monday, Plum Cove Grind is open Tuesday through Sunday from 7:00 to 4:30pm. For more information visit their website at Plum Cove Grind.

Morning Glories Gloucester ©Kim Smith 2015

Chickity Check It! Plum Cove Grind’s Delicious Sandwiches

The sandwich I got was the second one down on the right.  It was freaking fantastic and my mouth is drooling right now just thinking about it as I type.

Plum Cove Grind

I stopped by “the Grind” last weekend while in Lanesville.  What a find this little joint is!

Plum Cove Grind is to Lanesville what Last Stop Variety is to East Gloucester.  I had one of the most delicious sandwiches I’ve ever eaten from here.  It was a tuna sandwich but it also had (I think) candied walnuts and cranberries)  not sure what else was in the sandwich but it was excellent!  I mean EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT!

You just gotta try it.  It’s worth the ride.

Plum Cove Grind, originally uploaded by captjoe06.