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You’re OK Get Up. You’re OK. You’re OK. Get Up. It Just Scared You Honey…

Did you hear the thunk?  I mean straight up couldn’t lay a more solid forehead plant on that bar.

And then the mother chuckles a little before she tries to convince the kid that he didn’t just get completely annihilated.

Total compassion out of the mom right there.  She ain’t raising no softie! 

Define Getting Bundled: see video

Is this your move?

Like when your kid gets destroyed on the playground do you give them the old “Shake it off” routine?

I feel like there are two completely different camps on this.  Mothers that would be crying harder than the child and coddling them and then other moms that will pick the kid up, give em a boot in the ass and tell them to run up that slide til they get it right.