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Sista’s Helpful Tip

PrintJanuary is a perfect month to reorganize the house after the holiday season. Do you or someone you know keep a supply of plastic grocery bags on hand to reuse at a later date? Are they stuffed in a draw, closet or fabric bag dispenser hanging from a doorknob, annoyingly in the way every time you open or close the door? 

Thought I’d share a helpful tip for storing used “plastic grocery bags”  that I adopted from the internet several years ago.  It is clean, convenient, and compact.  Perfect  for any home, office or car!

Supplies Needed

1 empty plastic wipes container

several plastic grocery bag


1 collect plastic bags after shopping


2 remove lid top from wipes container


3 crumble and stuff each plastic bag into container; feed end of last bag through lid top opening; secure lid top back onto container





4 store container in convenient location; use and restock  bags as needed