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United States Coast Guard Video Of The Plan B Sinking

Click Here For The Many Pictures and Videos of The Plan B We’ve Taken Here at Good Morning Gloucester

BOSTON — The 81-foot fishing vessel Plan B sank approximately eight miles east of Kennebunkport, Maine, after taking on water, Tuesday.

The two fishermen aboard were unable to control flooding and were rescued by a good Samaritan before the vessel sank about three and a half hours after it began taking on water in approximately 286 feet of water. A ruptured pipe may have caused the flooding.

Because the Plan B was listing on its port side, Coast Guard crews determined the boat wasn’t safe to board the vessel to pump the water out of the boat.

U.S. Coast Guard Station South Portland recovered the boat’s emergency beacon, life raft and several pieces of large debris.

The boat produced a diesel fuel sheen approximately 200-feet by 200-feet when it sank. The Coast Guard will continue to monitor the area for pollution, including a scheduled trip to the site by a Station South Portland boatcrew in the morning.

The Coast Guard protects the maritime ecosystems and natural resources important to our national economy and
essential to the livelihood and way of life for coastal communities.

Gloucester At Dawn- The Plan B 4:40AM 8/5/09

This is a pretty tough shot to get with such low light and from the distance it was taken.  I’, pretty happy with it.  To see it full size click the picture and select “all sizes”

Beautiful Industry- Net Mending Kit- Needles, Twine, Sissors and Knives

Here is a net mending bucket with needles all loaded up for net repair.  The net for the Plan B is just massive   Half the net was already aboard the boat and there was a huge pile still on the dock.

Net Mending Kit- Needles, Twine, Sissors and Knives, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Here’s a video from last winter of guys repairing herring seines-

[blip.tv ?posts_id=1633691&dest=-1]

Plan B Herring Seiner

I got some video when dropping off some empty fish totes at Cape Seafoods yesterday.  Looks like the Plan B will be making its maiden voyage as a herring seiner soon.  Yesterday they were loading the net aboard.

Video at 1PM

Plan B Herring Seiner, originally uploaded by captjoe06.

Let Er Go, The Plan B Seine Boat

The Let Er Go is the seine boat for the Plan B.  The seine boat is loaded up on the stern of the Plan B through the slot where the guy in the orange shirt is standing.  When they approach the school of herring the Plan B will lower the Let Er Go into the water.  The Let Er Go will set the seine in a circle around the school as quickly as possible.  A seine net creates a cylinder in the water around the school.  Then the net is pursed up at the bottom and makes the net from a cylinder into a purse (hopefully with the fish caught inside).

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