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Pitbull murdered in Gloucester??

Kristen Lark writes-

Hello, I was wondering if you heard about a pitbull found dead on the side of the road gutted. From what I gathered on facebook and by the Sweet Paws Rescue of Essex facebook page, a woman & her son were walking their dog around the Sadler St Burnham’s field area yesterday. Their dog reacted to something in the bushes & when they looked it was a dead pitbull sliced open. This is horrifying. I guess the police think the dog was used for fighting. I wish I could have seen the dog’s body to check for scars to confirm it was a fighting dog or not. Not all pitbulls are fighting dogs. Many are show dogs or weight pulling contest dogs.

There is no media attention to this and I don’t know why. I am Gloucester resident who owns a 6 month old pitbull puppy and I am outraged. The pitbull population in Gloucester has grown a lot in the past 10-15 years and there are many responsible owners here. Is there anything you can do to investigate this further? I emailed the Times but didn’t get any responses. I am a member of B.O.N.E (Bully Owners of New England) and we do a lot of pitbull advocacy work. Pitbulls are the most tortured, brutalized, and misunderstood dog.

Thank you for your help,

Kristen Lark