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A Different View of Cape Ann Tool

From some shots I took last summer I have been putting this together. A montage of sorts. As you look at it, there appears more than just rusty relics of buildings, but also Pigeon Cove and the granite breakwater. Thought … Continue reading

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Now You See It, Now you Don’t.

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Pigeon Cove, 1884

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Pigeon Cove And It’s Code, Photos by Anthony Marks

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New iPhone 5 Panorama

Click twice to embiggen: sucker is 9,283 pixels wide.Panorama on the new iPhone 5 is pretty slick. As simple as can be and no waiting. Sometimes it says to slow down as I pan across. Here is one of my … Continue reading

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Could we sneak by without a winter?

Today’s Scientific American has a story here explaining why we have not had a winter yet. Something about the NAO or North Atlantic Oscillation keeping the jet stream straight and high to the north of us. Could it stay up there? … Continue reading

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Rockport Class of 1961 50th Reunion from Donna and Jack King

Rockport Class of 1961 50th Reunion was held at the Cafe Sevens Seas, Gloucester House July 2, 2011, with a Dinner Buffet.  There was a “Memorabilia” table with pictures and mementos, music of the era, and a  booklet for class members.  … Continue reading

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Pigeon Cove 4-24-2010 Submitted To The GMG Flickr Group By halibut2

Pigeon Cove 4-24-2010, originally uploaded by halibut2.

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Rockport Tool Co.

I don’t know very much about the Cape Ann Tool Co.,  so if anyone has a good online source of information or first-hand knowledge, please pass it along! Thanks!  —Sharon

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